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How is your lifestyle different from your parents' and grand

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juliana fo

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of How is your lifestyle different from your parents' and grand

How is your lifestyle different from your parents' and grandparents'? Is your life harder/easier than theirs? Why?
Our lives are very different to our parents’
and our grandparents’.
One of the main differences is the use of technology as a part of our lives. It’s not common a teenager who doesn’t use social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp at least once a day. Because of that, we are more isolated; sometimes we use mobile phones instead of talking with friends. It also makes us more active, because it is proven by scientists that the use of electronic devices doesn’t allow the brain to rest properly.
Most of adults aren’t used to this. Obviously, they have to use technology, but they don’t depend on it like we do. Not all of them use social networks everyday, and it’s not common an adult that spends all his time on the computer. This is because they haven’t born at this time (called by some people the “Net Generation”).
Another difference is that, due to the experience the adults gain along their lives, they are more mature and can carry with more responsibilities. That makes a big difference between two generations. We just have to study while they have to work, take care of us and do the housework.
We conclude that our lives as teenagers aren’t easier or harder than theirs, because although adults’ problems are bigger than ours, they have more tools to get over them. The problem would be if we had to go over their problems.
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