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Lady Gaga

(about her)

Manuela Corrêa

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga
With 11 years old Gaga was studying in a Catholic school "Convent of Sacred Heart"
She was a good student confessed nerd, active member of the theater group. Was always participating in some musical or band.
The first single, Dollar Bills,from Stefani was composed when Gaga was 13 years old.
Descendant of an Italian family. Her father's name is Joseph Germanotta, and her mother's name is Cynthia Germanotta. She is the oldest daughter of the couple and have a younger sister, Natali.
With four years Gaga began playing the piano, even disliking the idea very much, her mother hired private teachers.
Lady Gaga made ​​a party with her friends on the Lower East Side, New York, and moved to Los Angeles, still hungover Gaga wrote Just Dance in 10 minutes, and then with Poker Face and Love Game.
Gaga confirmed the opening acts of the Pussycat Dolls. The Pussycat Dolls disliked Gaga opening her shows because the opening acts were almost good as the group
On the night of the VMA, Lady Gaga was without doubt the most outstanding artist who came up with different looks and also performed the song paparazzi with much blood.
Telephone, her duet with Beyoncé was another single that exploded, Lady Gaga would have made ​​this song for Britney Spears, after having been rejected, she decided to record with Beyoncé
Alejandro, who closed the Age The Fame Monster, was one of the best singles of the Age The Fame Monster of Gaga. Single of much controversy.
In May, in an interview with The Times, Gaga reveals who has Lupus
In August, Gaga won 8 awards at the VMAs was indicated in 13, very emotional, Gaga reveals the name of her new single, there the name "Born This Way" album that Gaga was preparing a long time.
Soon after "Born This Way", Gaga announces her second single, "Judas," a song that Gaga would Mary Magdalene, churches, and many other countries revolted with Gaga when the video was launched, with strange beats, Judas is one of the best singles of the CD.
Seeing that wouldn't have no way, the team Gaga launches the CD, in a week that sells more than 1 million copies worldwide.
Gaga continues competing with Adele on Itunes. The singer has just released her third single "The Edge Of Glory," a single quiet where Gaga recording with Clarence, the saxophonist, who dies soon after. Very disappointing fans with her ​​new video for Gaga, pauses for a while.
Weeks after the VMA happens where Gaga has four indications and end up winning two with "Born This Way". A historic day for Gaga perform "You And I" with Queen guitarist.
On August 20, 2010 Gaga became the most followed person on the social network Twitter. Today, Gaga is the third most followed person's social network, with more than 40 million followers
The piano teacher Gaga was a stripper
Lady Gaga is one of the artists with the most awards in the history of music, all are over 300 awards won in just five years of career.
Lady Gaga and her team are responsible for the first perfume with liquid black of history.
Lady Gaga is the cover of Vogue biggest selling of all time.
Today, Lady Gaga is dating Taylor Kinney, actor with whom she played opposite the clip Yoü And I music she did to her ex-boyfriend Lüc Carl
The meat dress worn by Lady Gaga in the "Video Music Awards 2010" weighed in at fifty pounds and was made ​​with meat unfit for consumption.
Was once considered the most powerful woman in the world by Forbes
Lady Gaga has 13 tattoos by the body.
Lady Gaga only has tattoos on the left side of the body, because her father wanted her to keep "normal" one side of her body
ARTPOP, her fourth studio album, was elected by Billboard the most anticipated album of 2013
Lady Gaga has performed for the Queen of England.
Hi, my name is Manuela and I’m 16, I love Lady Gaga and I will talk about her. And I like other singers and bands, but especially she.
I live with my parents and my sister, she has 12 years old. My sister is also "little monster"
I study at "For You" I'm in Mega 4
The fame
The fame monster
Born This Way
Tara Savelo is your best friend and also a makeup artist.
Lady Gaga was the first artist to give name for her fans, "little monster" is way cute that she calls us.
"Paws up" is a symbol for us little monsters.
Her real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
Her albums
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