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Nervous System

Presentation for notes.

Raegan Witt-Malandruccolo

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Nervous System

The Nervous System Function 1. Like an information highway.
2. Responsible for controlling all functions and movements in the body.
3. Allows you to respond to changes in the environment. Two Parts 1. Central Nervous System
2. Peripheral Nervous System Central Nervous System Brain & Spinal Cord

Receives, Interprets & Sends Information Peripheral Nervous System Detects & sends nerve impulses to the brain Homeostasis An environment that supports cells All of the body systems work together to maintain it. Achieved by maintaining tempertaure, pH (acidity), oxygen levels and other factors Examples of Homeostasis Stimulus: You are hot. Your body needs fuel. You walk into a dark room.
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