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A Brochure Of Ecuador

No description

Kristi Dang

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of A Brochure Of Ecuador

Ecuador Ecuador,South America Economy Arts &
Recreation Thank
You Government The People By Kristi Dang The Andes run straight through the center of the country The climate is quite hot
but in the mountainous areas it gradually gets cooler. Most of the time it varies in climate because of altitude and where the equator is. Physical Map These masks, or effigies are made with old clothes and newspaper adorned with a mask. It is a symbol to leaving negativity and problems behind and to start afresh with the new year. New Year's Holiday Flag Population Map About half of Ecuador's people live along the west coast, the other half of the population lives in the valleys and plateaus of the Andes. The colors of the flag
Yellow: The wealth of agriculture resources.
Blue: The ocean and the clear skies
Red: The blood that was shed for their homeland and freedom. Ecuador Christmas Ecuador celebrates Christmas by creating a nativity scene and placing it outside. They also eat a family Christmas dinner at midnight. Decoration is also part of Christmas along as partying with festive music and exotic food Most all of Ecuador's people are Roman Catholic. The official language is Spanish but some Native Americans speak their own language Bananas, cacao, coffee, rice, and sugarcane are some export crops for Ecuador's economy Language
Map Religion Currency Agriculture Ecuador's main export to the United States are cut flowers, which is also the leading export for the United States. Tourisum The Amazon rainforest and Galapigos Islands give many oppertunities for Ecuador's tourisum Poverty continues to be one of Ecuador's main challenges Challenges Ecuador President, Rafael Correa President Almost all of Ecuador is a
democratic republic. The government is a democratic republic.A presidential representative or the President of Ecuador is both head of state and head of government. Government Dempocratic
Republic Sports Soccer is so popular that it is declared to be Ecuador's national sport. Ecuador is home to many rare species of birds, animals and plants. Nature Galapagos Island Scenery The shore of one of the Galapagos Islands.
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