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Ultrasound v. MR

No description

Peter Caroline

on 16 October 2017

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Transcript of Ultrasound v. MR

Which is better?
For what?
- sound waves in the upper levels of human hearing
usually 20 kilohertz
used to detect objects and measure distances
Images (
) made by sending waves of sound into tissue with a probe , and the sound echoing off the tissue to be recorded and displayed
Can display 2-D cross section of tissue, blood flow, movement of tissue, presence of certain molecules, etc.
Works Cited
Medical Ultrasound
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
All About MRI Scans
Pros and Cons
Images certain material very well
soft tissue
bone surfaces
Useful for delineating interfaces between solid and fluid filled space
live images
no side effects
minimal discomfort
available and flexible equipment
higher quality spacial resolution
cannot penetrate bone
poor performance in the presence of a gas between transducer and target
low depth
body weight a factor
operator dependent
skilled operator
No scout image
"before and after"
Magnetic Resonance-
uses magnetic fields, with a field gradient, and radio
Formerly Nuclear MR
certain atomic nuclei absorb and emit detectable radio frequency when in a magnetic field
H generally used
exists naturally in water and fat
gradients in magnetic field localize
safe and painless
no ionizing radiation
no metal
people with implants at a disadvantage
even people with old tattoo ink
narrow space
relatively expensive
Deep view of internal structure
"milder" contrast agent
cover large portions of the body
can detect metastases
many images from virtually any direction/orientation
Which is better?
Purely situational

individal advantages/disadvantages
hospital/patient preference
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