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03.03 Early Mesoamerican Civilizations: Assessment

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keenyn govea

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of 03.03 Early Mesoamerican Civilizations: Assessment

Who created the object?

Where is the object located?

When was the object created?

What are the characteristics of the object?

What purpose did the object serve? Olmec This object was created by the Olmec. It was created in southern Mexico but is now located in New York City. This Object was created somewhere between 1200-400 BCE during the time in which the Olmec florished in southern Mexico. The object is an ancient Olmec head. This indicate the Olmec had a very advanced organizational structure This object was also created by the Olmec. This object was created in the center of Olmec societ La Venta. This object was created after the decline of San Lorenzo. Archeologists believe the layout of La Venta was designed to align with a constellation. Zapotec This object was created by the Zapotec in the 700s BCE in the city of Monte Alban. This is the city of Monte Alban it served shelter. This object was created by the Zapotec and now belongs to the National Geographic. This object was created between A.D 200-900. The object appears to be a statue and serves no purpose from my knowledge. Chavin This object was created by the Chavin located in Peru. Created between 900-200 BCE. This object is a combination of a human and animal head. The purpose of this object is to prevent the temple from flooding during the highlands' rainy season
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