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JuanLu Benedé

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Sunscreens, shampoos, make-up
after-shave creams, perfumes... They are made up of several ingredients, such as emulsifiers, antioxidants, conservatives or dyes CHEMISTRY COSMETICS Juan Luis Benedé Why is this connection important ? There are many legislations over the world that regulate the ingredients of a commercial product Two kinds of ingredients:
Those whose presence is totally forbidden
Those whose presence is allowed but not more than in a maximum quantity To analyze the compounds of a cosmetic product, ensuring the security of consumers Analytical Chemistry PhD Student in "The importance of chemistry
in cosmetics" UV FILTERS In the last years, concerns about the health risks associated with solar ultraviolet radiation exposure has increased considerably Skin burns, photosensitivity, premature aging or skin cancer How do UV filters act? UV filters are absorbed by the body and reach the blood
They are excreted in biological fluids (urine, semen) They have the capacity to absorb or reflect both UV ranges from sunlight These chemical compounds have reached the environment and are accumulated in surface waters or sediments Thank you for
your attention GICAPC
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