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the sinking

No description

Mr. Stack

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of the sinking

the titanic
the sinking
the titanic was built on march 31 1909.the titanic was 882 ft. long.it was 175 ft. tall. it weighed 46,000 tons. it was built by harland and wolff and 300 more people. it was designed by thomas andrews.it was built in belfast united kingdom. it had 9 decks. it had 20 boilers and 162 furnaces. they burned 165 tons of coal a day. it was cranked 16,000 horsepower. it was 6 stories high. life boats [in all] only could fit 1,178 people out of 3,500 people on the ship.
fun facts
1.There was 216,600 pieces of food and drinks
2.1st class tickets were 4,300 dollars and 3rd class was 36
3. inside there was a heated swimming pool
4.there was 10,000 lamp bulbs on the ship
5.2 people died building the ship
6. 6 iceburg warnings before crash
7.the titanic was supposed to carry 64 lifeboats, and 48 were planned but they only carried 20

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