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From the Roots of Photography: Photorealism!

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Jessica Rawson

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of From the Roots of Photography: Photorealism!

Artists of this movement!
Chuck Close
Richard Estes
Audrey Flack
Vija Celmins
Photographs could be used as a reference or substitute for a painting!
Served as a model for those who were a part of the Photorealism movement!
Audrey Flack
Richard Estes
Richard Estes was a artist of that took part in the Photorealism movement!
He often used two or more photos to composite his paintings
He often used planar qualities and broad sheets of reflective glass as subject!
He reveals the importance of the camera
Wheel of Fortune
This work displays the challenges and fate of motherhood
She assembles objects, takes a photo with her camera, creates a slide, projects it on a canvas, then paints over it with an airbrush
Vija Celmins
Untitled (Big Sea No. 2)
Created in 1969
Used textured graphite on acrylic on paper
Celmins worked from a series of dispersed allover compositions, and worked from photographs of irregular natural surfaces
used textured substances in her paintings to diminish “distance” of the viewer from the subject of the art!
Chuck Close
Captures the essence of the camera and the photograph while keeping the hand of the artist as well
Uses photos broke into geometric atoms and fingerprint painting in several of his pieces of art.
From the Roots of Photography: Photorealism!
Photography has been influencing modern art since the daguerreotype was created!
Photorealism is a combination of the camera and the artist!
It broke barriers between the photograph and the painting!
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