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Co-op Final Presentation

No description

Olivia kuntz

on 7 June 2011

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Transcript of Co-op Final Presentation

Where I Did My Co-op Memorial Public School's History What I Did at Co-op Job Requirements Placement Profile Future Jobs My co-op was completed at a elementary school called Memorial Public Elementary School. My name is Olivia. Memorial Public school is located at 211 Memorial Avenue, Stoney Creek ON, L8G 3B2. Memorial is a Public School with classes from JK-Grade 8. Memorial includes classrooms, a computer lab,a library,a learning resource facility and a gymnasium with stage. Memorial is on a Balanced Day and provides full day Kindergarten on both the A and B schedule. Memorial is located south of Highway #8, up to the escarpment, between East side of Millen road and just East of DeWitt Rd. Senior Kindergarten Helped cut out different shapes and papers for their work. Rotated through each group and helped the students. Photocopying for the kindergarten teacher Mrs.Byrne. Grade One Helped students who needed assistance with reading and writing(Dusan, Ryan & Dobrila). Helped out all the students while in gym, computers, health and library. Photocopying and stapling papers, such as forms or worksheets. A necessary requirement for this job would be having a english course completed, or you must be able to speak fluint english. A reason this would be a requirement is so you have good communcation and are able to help the students. A training requirement for this job would be first aid training. A reason this would be a requirement is because there are a lot of students who have allergies, and just in case of emergencies. Work experience dealing with kids would be a requirement because it would help your prepare to be surrounded around kids, and help you get a feel of what co-op would possibly be like. Some courses that would prepare students for this co-op placement would be english, anthropology, parenting, living and working with children and human development. Some qualities a person would need to have to be successful at this job would be to have patience,empathy,communicative,dependable, organized, caring, flexible, creative, knowledgeable and value based. Things I've Learned While being at my co-op placement I have learned many things. I've learned how to become more patient, empathetic,positive and communicative. Some employability skills I have learned are flexibility, leadership and problem-solving. daycare owner/worker elementary teacher child and youth worker Some future jobs would be.. These three jobs would require college or university with the minimum of four years. Grade One Kindergarten THE END
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