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The Golden Touch

No description

Kaitlin Foley

on 12 March 2017

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Transcript of The Golden Touch

The Golden Touch
BY: Isabella Yorkie and Katie Foley

Falling action
Scientific explanation
Rising action
When King Midas touched everything it turned into gold

King Midas went to the river and bathed in it and his was granted, whatever he touched will not turn into gold.
The characters of
The Golden Touch
-King Midas
- Dionysus
one of the Setting of The golden touch
Pactolus River
The conflict in the story The golden touch is, that everything King midas touches turn into gold, and he can't undo it. This is an external conflict because whatever he touches he turns into gold and other people can touch it too.
Then he realized that whatever he touched turned into gold, so he went to grab the bread, it turned into gold and he could not eat nor drink.
King Midas begged for his wish to be undone and to do that he had to go to the Pactolus River.
The scientific explanation is what you touch can not turn into gold nor will it be possible
The moral or lesson of the myth is to be careful what you wish for.
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