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Copy of Copy of Goal Future

Karem Selena Munoz Goal Future

Karem Munoz

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Goal Future

By: Karem Selena Munoz 1.Looking Ahead *Education
*On Job Training ( OJT)
*Bridges To Life
Experiences and Activities How do you see yourself? The Basics *I’m Deaf
*My family are all hearing
*My family moved to Colorado from Mexico
*My family wanted to give me better life, a better future by finding me a good school and most important and good education College in Colorado •Activities: 09-12; Student Body Government for experience has permit and did take Vice Present and Security, Advertisement
•Honor: 2-8-11; National Honor Society
•Activities: 07-13; Sports Volleyball, Basketball, and Track Field
SRA, For Student Resident Assistant Programs and sell for snack foods Hard worker
"I can"
Future Home Funeral Director Bridges To Life College Arapahoe Community College
5900 S Santa Fe Dr, Littleton, CO 80120 near by Denver
for 2 year- AAS degree Funeral Home Director I will more learn about how my improve.
Math : Budget Skills
English: Communication
Daily life skills: Apartment
Own house, Car, pay Bills Profound Bilateral Sensorineural January 2014 Next fall August 2014
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