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EPQ Presentation

What Effect Does Autism Have On A Child’s Development And How Can We Effectively Help Overcome This?

serena hammond

on 1 March 2014

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Transcript of EPQ Presentation

Serena Hammond EPQ
My Topic...
What Effect Does Autism Have On A Child’s Development And How Can We Effectively Help Overcome This?
What I found out...
What went well...
Skills developed...
Possibilities for further development...
How Autism Affects Development...
'Triad of Impairments'
Autism is a spectrum, therefore each case is different, with varying affects; However there are 3 key aspects of development affected across all areas of the spectrum...
Autistic Spectrum Disorders affect many aspects of a child’s development, with varying severity in each case, but the three most affected areas of development are communication, social relationships and imagination. There is no one technique or environment that is the best or most effective way to deal with every case, due to the huge variety within the spectrum. Each child must be individually assessed and, in the appropriate setting, be given a tailor-made programme which may even use a combination of several techniques.
evaluative and processing skills
researching and referencing skills
time management skills
organisational skills
setting realistic targets and reaching them
taking initiative
explore and use a large range of resources from books to documentaries
integrate the information into a clear answer to the question I set out to explore
develop and learn as the process went on, being flexible and adaptive
application to real life
time management and reaching deadlines
taking the initiative to ask, not just being told exactly what to do
choosing which sources and which pieces of information to include
Gather primary information through case studies of individual children
More specifics e.g. focus on a particular type of autism/ particular therapy
Research into combining of therapies
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