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No description

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Desomorphine

-This drug is often used as replacement for Heroin due to the fact that it has similar affects, and it is much cheaper to make than Heroin.
-This drug can be made in several different ways, but these are usually the ingredients to create this:Codeine, paint thinner, Iodine, red phosphorus,oil/gasoline/lighter fluid, and hydrochloric acid.
and Tropikamid are often used too. Dimedrol, is used to help the person using it to not throw up, and Tropikamid is used to enhance the drug. Tropikamid destroys the organs, and the body dries out.

-It was first patented in 1932 and was originally used for traumatic cases.
-It was first used in Russia in 2002-2003.
-By 2011, over 2.5 million people in Russia were using this drug. The reasoning behind this, is because in Russia there is a big problem with Heroin. Krokodil is often used as a replacement for heroin, so it became a very big drug in Russia.
- In 2013(This year) There have been two cases of people using Krokodil in Arizona, California.
How does this affect the neurotransmitters and receptors?
Someone on Krokodil
A.K.A Krokodil
What is this?
This drug is a type of morphine that happens to be more potent. It is an ILLEGAL drug that is usually used as a replacement for Heroin.
Why Did I do this project?
I did this project because I wanted to try to do something that not that much people know about. I also heard about this over the radio quite vaguely, which made me very interested in the drug itself.

This affects the opiate receptors which
are in the brain and spinal chord. This
receptor controls pain, award and
addictiveness. Krokodil affects the brain by binding to the opiate recepters. This will prevent pain signals from reaching the brain.
The brain then notices the drug as an endorphin. Once this occurs the brain sees it as an
overdose of endorphins, so the brain no longer produces endorphins. This creates tolerance, and the addictiveness. This affects why this drug is known as being very addictive. This is what
cuases the act of calmness. The reasoning for the deteriation of the tissue is because of the
gasoline or toxins that are in our veins
which kills the tissue.
Short: Long:
-Limb Amputation
-Open wounds
-Addiction and withdrawal symptoms
-Severe tissue damage
If not injected incorrectly
-crocodile like skin
drug only lasts for
a few hours
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