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Southern Colonies

No description

Karla Peralta

on 1 February 2014

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Transcript of Southern Colonies

The Southern Colonies

By: Erin Khuly & Karla Peralta
The founder of North Carolina is King Charles II. He told 8 nobles to settle in the area south of Virginia, which of course became North & South Carolina. North Carolina was the 12th out of the 13th colonies. North Carolina was named after King Charles, Carolina comes from the Latin word Carolinus meaning of Charles. North Carolina at fist was only Carolina, but then was split into two.
In 1670 North Carolina was founded
King Charles

South Carolina
North Carolina

North Carolina was founded in the year 1729. Some of the settlements in North Carolina included Edenton, Bath, New Bern, Beaufort, and Roanoke. The cash crops of North Carolina were sugar cane, rice, tobacco, and indigo. The natural resources are fish, timber, and good soil for agriculture since farming was important back then.
Fun Fact: In 1580 Britain tried having
2 colonies there first but both of them
were wiped out.
Fun Facts about North Carolina:
-North Carolina was known as "Fish Town" for its rich resource of fish.
-One of the colonies in North Carolina mysteriously disappeared except for the word "Croatoan" written on a nearby tree.
-The first English child was born in North Carolina her name was Virginia Dare.

In 1585 colonists arrived in North Carolina in the time of winter, which was too late for them to raise crops. Then, the indians came over and helped them survive through the winter. Also in 1770 a man named John Lawson and 8 other englishmen & indians set off on an expedition. John relies on his indian companions to help him with other indians they might meet on the way so there wont be any fights. *They mostly interacted with the Algonquians.
Of course North & South Carolina were founded by the same person King Charles II, and also was founded the same year as North Carolina in 1729. South Carolina also has the same settlements Edenton, Bath, New Bern, and Beaufort. Both of them had everything alike before they were divided into 2 states.

Lord Baltimore(also known as George Calvert) is the founder of Maryland. Lord Baltimore wanted to make a refuge for the Roman Catholics when there was a protest for them in England for the race could still exist. Maryland was founded as a colony in 1634( when the English first settled. there).The cash crops in Maryland (like in every other southern colony) is Indigo and Rice.
Fun Facts about Maryland:
-Maryland was named after Henrietta Maria, wife of King Charles I
-The first settlement was founded on St.Clements island.
-In 1763 the Mason Dixon line was established named after Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon
-Maryland was the seventh of the original 13 colonies to become a state
The Maryland settlers interacted with the
Potomac indians.There wasn't that much positive interactions with the indians. The
Potomac indians welcomed the settlers, but King Charles l wanted the indians wiped in Maryland.
King James the first was the founder of Virginia. Virginia was founded becaus ethey were looking for gold, they also needed a place were they could sell they're goods, they wanted to take advantage of Virginia's natural resources. They also didn't have religious freedom, to overcome Spain so they founded Virginia for a military outpost. Virginia was established in 1607. Jamestown was one of the settlements established in Virginia. Others are; Bermuda, Nether-hundred, Upper-hundred,Digges-hundred. Most of the settlements were established along the James river. Cash Crops are ; Tobacco,Lumber,etc. Natural Resources; Grains, Fruits,Lumber.
Fun Facts/Interesting Info. about Virginia
-Sir Walter Raleigh first came to Virginia
in 1585 to try to establish a colony, but he had to leave.
-The origonal area of Virginia was Virginia,Kentucky,and West Virginia used to be the whole colony back then.

When the English were close to Virginia in boat the indians didn't greet them with a friendly smile they attacked, But then they started aiding them with their needs. The indian was called the Pamunkey the chief was Powhatan.
Georgia was founded in 1732 by James Oglethorpe. Georgia was a debtors Colony it also was a barrier against spains army which was established in Florida. In 1733 the settlement Savannah was established, Darian was also one of the colonies, Ebenezer. Cash Crops; Cotton,Tobacco,Corn,Potatoes,Indigo,and Lumber.Natural Resources;Soil (for farming),Fish, some Iron also rice and indigo.
Fun Facts/Info about Georgia:
-Georgia was the last out of the 13 colonies.
-Georgia was named after King George the second of England
-Slavery and Alcohol used to be illegal until James Oglethorpe left and then they lifted the law.
-In 1739 Oglethorpe launched an unsuccessful attack from Georgia to St.Augustine .
The Apalachee,Cherokee,Micosukee, and the Creek are the original indians from Georgia. The interactions with the indians and the settlers was very positive the founder James Oglethorpe actually respected the indians and the indians also treated the seettlers well since they werent treated as bad as with the spanish. Trading with the indians was something important within Georgia.
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