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Greek Mythology: Perseus

No description

Samantha Kennedy

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Greek Mythology: Perseus

Abilities Personality The Movie Legend of Perseus The Legend of Perseus Perseus Περσευς By:
Samantha Kennedy
Chloe Raaflavo How the two legends get confused Feats above Humantiy Gifts from the gods His Fate and how it came to be The downfall and his flaws Perseus and Greeks Glossary Unlike most Greek hero’s, Perseus didn’t really have a down fall that led to his death. He did the things he had set out to do, and became a king shortly after. There are different stories that account for his death, but no real reason as to why he died goes with it.  Perseus was basically like the average Greek. The only thing that set him above humanity was that he was a demigod, and therefore had a bit of the favor of the gods. Athena, Hermes, and the nymphs of the north. Each gives him a present to help him along his way. This probably wouldn’t have happened if he wasn’t a demigod.

 Since he had all these gifts, he was able to do a feat no one had done before. He was able to slay medusa and save Andromeda with her head.  Perseus could be inspirational and compared to the average Greek, because he had a humble up bringing with no knowledge that he was a demigod. He didn’t have any special powers, and he was raised by a single mom.  One personality trait that Perseus had was bravery. He showed this when he killed a sea monster to marry Andromeda, a princess who was to be sacrificed. Also when he went on the quest to decapitate Medusa.

 Perseus shows hubris because he stated that he could get anything for the gift, including Medusa’s head. He was very confident in his abilities. The legend of Perseus starts off with a king named Acrisius when he hears a prophecy about how his daughter's, Danae, son will kill him one day. Not wanting this to happen Acrisius locks Danae into a bronze tower with nothing but a small window so she will never marry and have children. One day the god Zeus appeared through a ray of sunshine through that single window and impregnates Danae. Months later Acrisius goes and checks on Danae and sees her with a happy baby boy so he locks them both into a large chest and cast them into the sea to die.

But this is not what happens, and Danae with her son Perseus survive and end up on the island Seriphos where King Polydectes ruled. Years pass and Perseus grows up into a strong young man and Polydectes grew attracted to Deane. Wanting to marry Deane but couldn't because of Perseus, Polydectes tricks him into going into an impossible task and receive Medusa head. Throughout the journey Perseus meets Hermes, Athena, the Graeae, and the kind Nymphs of the North before he finally goes and slays Medusa while her and her two sisters are sleeping. On his way back he meets his wife, Andromeda, when she was going to be sacrificed to a sea monster because her mother upset Poseidon when saying Andromeda was more beautiful then Aphrodite. So to save her he using Medusa's head to turn the monster to stone. Once back at Seriphus Perseus hears how Polydectes has forced Deane into being his handmaiden, so outraged he storms into the castle and turns Polyedect to stone. After Perseus die, Andromeda and himself are put into the sky as constellations. Another legend that is far from the real legend is the interoperation in the movie ‘Clash of the Titans’. In it King Acrisius is the husband to Danae. During a war against humans and gods, where Acrisius is leading the war, Zeus comes down and impersonates him and impregnates Danae. Finding out Acrisius cast Danae and the baby, Perseus into the sea in a casket to die, while Zues sends a lightning bolt down and scares Acrisius’s whole body. While driffent in the Sea the casket is rescued by a fisherman and his wife where Perseus is saved but Dean dies.
Years past and Perseus grows up not know his true mother or father. While going to pay respect to the gods a group of soldiers destroy a statue of Zeus and Hades appears killing most of the soldiers and all of Perseus family but him. Perseus is then taken to see the king and while their witnesses the queen calling their daughter, Andromeda, more beautiful than Aphrodite herself. Not soon after Hades appears again and kills the remaining soldiers and demands Andromeda be sacrificed to the Kraken. Perseus then goes to get the head of Medusa after being convinced by Io and others. After his long journey everyone dies but him and he comes back and kills the Kraken freeing Andromeda. At the end of the movie Zeus appears to Perseus and asks him to join the gods but when Perseus says no leaves Io to be his wife so he is not alone. These two legends get mixed up very easily since they have a lot of the same factors in them. People who don’t know the true legend believe that they due since they have seen the movie but don’t know that it only has parts of the main one. The movie concentrates more on entertaining unlike where the real legend wants to try to teach people. From Hermes: winged sandals that helped him fly around and move along on his journey fast, and the sickle the Cronos used to overpower Uranus which Perseus used to decapitate Medusa.

From Athena: A shield that he could use to reflect the image of Medusa and not turn to stone.

From the Nymphs of the North: The cap of Darkness which turned him invisible so Medusa and his sisters couldn’t see him, and a magic wallet to carry Medusas head in. In the begin of the legend we hear about a prophecy about Acisius grandson about how he will kill Acisius. The prophecy was relieved by Apollo and set of Perseus whole fate by those words. The prophecy is fulfilled when Perseus is competing in some games in Larisa after saving Andromeda and is still on his way back to Seriphus. While throwing a discus the discus goes out into the stands and kills an old man who is Acrisius. http://www.greekmythology.com/Myths/Heroes/Perseus/perseus.html http://9hmythology.wiki.hhh.k12.ny.us/Perseus http://www.theoi.com/Heros/Perseus.html
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