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New years around the world

No description

Arely Vazquez

on 15 December 2010

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Transcript of New years around the world

New Year's around
the world In Mexico In Mexico they have late night dinner with their families. At midnight expect firecrakers,fireworks,
and sparklers, In China People in china might say Gung hay fat choy. Some celebrations that chinese people have are......... Clean their house, pay any money they owe,
get their hair cut, and buy themselves new clothes. They also light up their houses and they adorn it with signs of peace and luck. They also use red in all their decorations. In India Some people stay home with their loved ones.
Other people go to temples and pray to those who died. They also exchange gifts to family or friends. Not all people do the same thing, some people have different ideas to celebrate New Year. In U.S People visit their
family members. Some people even watch the most famouse football games. New years in the U.S is
celebrated on January 1 People in the U.S make resolutions to give bad deeds. Vietnam People in Vietnam have a special
rice pudding. It is called Banh Chung The red color is considered
lucky, to scared the evil spirits Vietnam and china have something in common they both clean their houses and decorate them. they also have to pay all debts. Vietnam people decorate their houses with Hoi Mai which is a yellow flowering plant. ! HAPPY NEW YEAR ! (: (:
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