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Amanda Todd

No description


on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Amanda Todd

This is Amanda Todd One mistake After the Attack Amanda was in Grade 8 when she met the
stranger on a chatting site. She was
convinced to bare her breasts on camera. The stranger blackmailed her with that photo, and soon the topless picture was circulating the internet. After the attack, Amanda attempted suicide by drinking bleach but was rushed to the hospital to have her stomach pumped. Her story is of
blackmail, cyber
bullying and physical
assault. She took her own life
on October 10, 2012 It all started with an online chatting
site... She was forced to move schools.
She had anxiety, major depression and
panic disorder.
She got into drugs and alcohol. The Effects... The Boy Amanda said she began texting
with an old guy friend, and that he asked her to come over, because his girlfriend was on holiday. So she did. When the girlfriend came back, she
attacked Todd with a group of others. Amanda thought that the guy
actually cared about her, but he had just used her. The Cyber-Bullying Didn't Stop... Stories got out about her failed suicide attempt, and Todd received abusive comments online. She moved again, and turned to cutting. Despite counseling and taking anti-depressants, she took an overdose and was hospitalized for 2 days. R.I.P. Amanda Todd THIS IS JUST ONE OF THOUSANDS OF TEENS COMMITTING SUICIDE BECAUSE OF CYBER BULLYING. IT NEEDS TO STOP 1. Don't Respond, Don't Retaliate If someone is bothering you online, DO NOT respond. This will only encourage the bully's behavior. NEVER try and get revenge on the bully. This triggers even more aggression. 2. Save the Evidence The only good thing about digital bullying is that all of the harassing messages can be saved for evidence and shown to a person who can help. 3.Talk to a Trusted Adult This is NOT in any way, being a tattletale. Cyber-bullying is serious, and needs to be dealt with properly. Telling your parents, the guidance counselor or any other trusted adult is getting one step closer to ending online bullying. 4. Don't Be a Bully, Don't Be a Bystander It's VERY easy to go from victim (or bystander) to bully. Especially in the online world. So be civil online and offline. It is also easy to be a bystander of cyber-bullying. Be a friend and stop the bullying. If you can, tell the bully to stop, or report the behavior and back up the victim. Thank You for Watching!!! What is Cyber Bullying and Why is it So Horrible? CYBER BULLYING- use of the Internet and related technologies to harm other people, in a deliberate, repeated, and hostile manner. Why is it So Horrible? - Not just bully to victim, bully to victim and hundreds of other people.
- 50% of victims of cyber bullying do not know the identity of the person bullying them. - Law doesn't consider cyber bullying as major, so the cases are cast aside and isn't dealt with properly.
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