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Understanding the Arab Spring

What is the Arab Spring? Why did it happen? What countries were affected?

Kaylee Steck

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of Understanding the Arab Spring

The Arab Spring refers to a series of uprisings that swept across the Arab world Some uprisings led to regime change Understanding the Arab Spring Crowds in Tahrir Square after Morsi's victory Celebration after liberation of Libya Some uprisings were suppressed Some uprisings generated civil war Protestors run from tear gas in Bahrain Photo taken from foreignpolicy.com Photograph taken from The Telegraph Photograph taken from Moral Low Ground Giulio Piscitelli, taken from New York Times A wounded Syrian rebel Dynamics of the Arab Spring Wealth disparity
High poverty
High unemployment Social immobility
Lack of opportunity
Youth bulge Economic Exclusionary state
Repressive police
Corruption Social Political REVOLUTION 2010 2012 2011 Major Events of the Arab Spring December January February March April May June July August September October November December January Protests begin in Tunisia December 17 Tunisia is liberated January 14 Large-scale protests begin in Egypt January 25 Mubarak resigns February 11 Protests begin in Libya February 15 Protests begin in Syria March 16 Libyan rebels storm Tripoli August 21 Ghaddafi is killed October 20 Tunisian elections October 23 Parliamentary elections in Egypt November 28 5,000 Syrians dead December 12 Introductions
build a basic understanding of the Arab Spring
explain its immediate causes
discuss whether the Arab Spring has changed how you think about the Middle East Objectives B.A. in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Third year at the College B.A. in Computer Science
Third year at the College Questions What do you know about the Arab Spring?
What does the term Islamist mean?
What are some things you associate with democracy? http://www.justplainpolitics.com/showthread.php?32149-Egypt-and-the-Arab-Spring-Explained http://www.thememriblog.org/turkey/blog_personal/en/40557.htm http://www.englishblog.com/2012/09/cartoon-arab-sprung.html Political Cartoons! Email us at: Still Interested? Have questions? ksteck@uchicago.edu pjshap@uchicago.edu
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