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F2F Upper UT 7 -At the airport

No description

Go English Live

on 18 July 2017

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Transcript of F2F Upper UT 7 -At the airport

Active Verbs- Think about running
Active verbs can be used with PRESENT CONTINUOUS
State verbs and Active verbs
Let's look at different ways to learn this tense correctly.
When you start learning about prefixes remember that the pronunciation is always fixed. Which means they are always pronounced the same.
UT 7 -At the airport
Let's discuss Telephone Problems
State verbs usually are NOT used in PRESENT CONTINUOUS
Run, walk, dance
Paul feels rotten today. He has a bad cold.
Do you recognize him? He is a famous rock star.
Our client appreciated all the work we did for him.
This is a perfect example of a state verb.
I hate working late.
I am hating working late.
It should sound strange
Present perfect tenses
the economy • unemployment • public transport
The economy has been great for the last two years.
Traffic has been getting better.
Petrol prices have been skyrocketing.
1. Think about something that started in the past and has or hasn't finished.
2. Remember we never know when, We do sometimes know for how long. So we usually use the time expressions FOR and SINCE.
Run out of credit
Get cut off
Bad reception
Can you think of the last time you had a problem with you Phone?
pollution • new buildings • inflation
property • education • industry
Vocab check
the cost of living • traffic
the price of food • tourism • petrol
We are going to compare the cost of living in Medellin to San Francisco.
Present perfect
The public transport in the city has improved a lot this year.
Inflation has gone down since last year.
Has traffic been a problem for you?
The End
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