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How Final Fantasy XIII Came To Life

No description

Luke O'Donoghue

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of How Final Fantasy XIII Came To Life

Taking place on a planet called Gran Pulse and the Floating Utopia of Cocoon,
The story of Final Fantasy XIII follows six condemned heroes as they attempt to save the very people who hunt them! Final Fantasy XIII is Role Playing Action Adventure
at its finest It still has the original selection method for which moves to use but puts it into real time so it adds a new level of fast paced strategy.
By adding real time battles and the new Paradigm Shift, Final Fantasy created a whole new genre... Again. The game also adds proper real time action to the summons and a new separate battle system to control them The Production of FINAL FANTASY XIII FINAL FANTASY XIII is one of the largest games Square Enix has ever produced. Square Enix expanded Development Division 1 to over 300 people Most of which were: 180 Artists
30 Programmers
36 Designers The CRYSTAL TOOLS game engine Square Enix's new building as of 2012 Much of the production and cost was on the new proprietary engine, Crystal Tools, which was supposed to serve as an expandable engine for the Final Fantasy Fabula Nova Crystallis series. When starting development, they new the engine should be able to: Display Ground breaking
visuals in wide open areas Handle much better facial animation Generate fine lighting on
moving objects Run the most detailed particle effects (at the time) As well as MUCH MORE... After the games release, Director Motamu Toriyama and producer Yoshinori Kitase said that the number of workers was too much and actually hindered progress as organising took too long. As a result of the production they have said they will make future productions much more efficient but with less people. The Cost and Financing of FINAL FANTASY XIII The total cost to develop Final Fantasy XIII was around $65 MILLION FINAL FANTASY XIII has sold "around" 7 Million SONY and Microsoft both have a console license that must be paid if a publisher wants to release a game on their system. Typically, this cost is between $3 to $10 for first EVERY hand copy sold. For FINAL FANTASY XIII it was $8 So Microsoft and SONY got about $28 MILLION each After the cost of production, SQUARE ENIX still got around $300 MILLION (Depending on how much people paid) The time considerations for FINAL FANTASY XIII Production originally began in 2004 after Square Enix immediately gave the green light for this highly ambitious project. Originally planned for PlayStation 2 , it was supposed to use all of the available CPU and GPU power of the PlayStation 2 Of course in 2005 after looking at their options they decided to stop production on the PS2 and canceled the port to the Wii to develop it for the PlayStation 3. In 2006 SQUARE ENIX showed off the new FINAL FANTASY XIII for PS3.
The PS2 and Wii versions would never see the light of day. Much of the CRYSTAL TOOLS engine had to be rewritten to take advantage of the vastly more powerful PlayStation 3. As well as most of the character models and rigs Obviously, this switch between platform generations had a severe impact on production time, much father than the "Coming soon" from E3 2006 Square Enix don't release games
until they think they are ready,
which is why they never set a specific date until the game is nearly finished Except for this one, everyone can forget about this one, going through 3 versions Isamu Kamikokuryo Tetsuya Nomura Yoshinori Kitase Motomu Toriyama

scenario designer Producer, game designer,
scenario supervisor Art Director Main Character Designer Koji Kobayashi Realtime Cutscene Director The People involved with Production Jack Fletcher English Voice Director Hiroyuki Hayashida Director of various CGI Cutscenes
at Linda Inc. Kiyonobu Kitada Director of various CGI Cutscenes
at Aminaroid Inc No one know much about either, but they still don't
get a release date until they
are nearly done Without Isamu the more recent Final Fantasies could not exist as without him their beautiful art styles would have never been
realised! Isamu is a Legend The resources and equipment required The CRYSTAL TOOLS engine SQUARE ENIX's own Motion Captue unit External Animation Studios Linda Inc
Aminaroid Inc Locations, Studios and Environments Developed and produced by
SQUARE ENIX Holdings in
Shibuya, Tokyo in Japan.

There were also various In-Game
CG Movies made by
Linda Inc and Aminaroid Inc.

SQUARE ENIX used their own
motion capture studio.
SQUARE ENIX USA did english voices. Legal Considerations and Constraints Everyone who was signed up to work on FINAL FANTASY XIII had to agree to an extremely strict Non-Disclosure-Agreement and so did any of the other SQUARE ENIX staff who knew about it. The only people who where allowed to reveal anything were Motomu Toriyama and Yoshinori Kitase. FINAL FANTASY XIII had to be released as a PEGI 16 in PAL Regions and an ESRB T for TEEN in NTSC Regions Masashi Hamauzu Composer
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