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Challenger Webinar Series Demo

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Transcript of Challenger Webinar Series Demo


Categories of Interviewers
Types of Interview Situations
Rules for Delivery
Popular Interview Questions
Elimination Questions
Part One
Challenger Webinar

Work from predetermined specifications
Generally not the decision maker

Often the decision maker or hiring manager
Main job is not interviewing

Open Position

Existing job opening
Written job description
Salary considered

No specific job opening
Impress the interviewer and make him/her feel comfortable
Basis of a good networking strategy

Get it down cold

Make it Fresh

Be Silent

Look Comfortable
Tell me about yourself
The “Ice Breaker”
Sets the tone of the interview
Not about your personal life
Not about work history
All positive, never negative

What are your faults or weaknesses?
Principles to Consider
Smile and exhibit enthusiasm
Sell Yourself
Listen, Listen, Listen
Land the job first; worry about details of it later
Think over a question before answering it
Tell the truth
Interview ends when you are out of the parking lot
Do not overstay your welcome
Tell me about yourself
What are you looking for?
Where do you see yourself in five years?

Tell me about yourself
Answer with your skills and abilities

"I am a creative and effective problem solver who implements customer-focused solutions. I am also a considerate and diplomatic colleague who gets along well with others while keeping the team motivated. In addition, I am an energetic and efficient individual who produces good work for the company and gets results."

What are you looking for?
The answer to this question is action-oriented: verbs, verbs, verbs
Focus on what you could do for the company
Do not talk about job conditions
All positive. Nothing negative
Be realistic! This should be a role that is a logical fit for you.
What are you looking for?
Answer with tasks and responsibilities you could take on for the company.

"I am looking for a position where I could utilize my customer service skills, as well as my proficiency in Microsoft Office , in a call center environment.

I could also apply my solid background in reporting, scheduling and employee training to meet client needs and deliver value.

In addition, I could communicate with users, vendors and customers while doing everything in my power to develop strong and lasting relationships."

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Do not reply with a title in mind
Show commitment, loyalty and eagerness to grow
Tell the interviewer what you could to for them in the future with increasing responsibility
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I would like a position/role where I could continue to maximize profitability and decrease costs…with increasing responsibility.

Salary / compensation
Reason you left your former company
Willingness to relocate
What are your faults or weaknesses?
You cannot have professional faults
Your answer shouldn’t interfere with the job description
Choose one of three safe faults
Safe Fault: Working Alone or in Isolation
Delivered in 2 parts (The Fault Itself, and the Redirect)
“I thrive on mentoring others to reach their potential, so if I had to work all by myself, all of the time, that would be difficult for me.”

Safe Fault: Routine or Repetitive Work

Delivered in 2 parts (The Fault Itself, and the Redirect)
"I consistently solve problems and overcome challenges in a fast-paced environment; so if I had to do the exact same thing day after day, hour after hour, I might become bored."

Safe Fault: Work Too Hard
Delivered in 2 parts (The Fault Itself, and the Redirect)
"I am a very responsible and hard- working employee who dedicates a great deal of energy to my job. While that is great for my company, I have had to learn to balance work with my family/personal life."
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