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Saiphun Lyster

on 8 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Future Technology By Saiphun N Lyster !
Smart Homes
Tables could use magnetic fields to warm up frozen food and start to boil a wireless kettle. Low-energy "green" buildings making them carbon neutral by 2016 .
Cars will be fuel efficient also they would have zero emission vehicles. Vehicles will be able to communicate with each other and traffic signals/roads .
There will be fast cars, the most powerful cars, alternative fuel cars, future cars the future is becoming more technological, more modern and much more advance.
Future Technology
There could be rocket ships and transporters in the near future. Technology will continue to change and with it changing transportation which will continue to change our lives.
Smart home technology will allow all different types of electronics to communicate with each other automated to help humans .
Gaming Consoles
A touch screen on fridges which you could use to
watch the news , listen to music , see the contents
in the fridge and see the expiry date .
They are trying to get everyone to use game consoles instead of television because you could do that on the consoles and more advanced gaming technology e.g. motion’ speech capture
virtual reality headsets , the games will become more realistic , better graphics everything will be bigger and better in the future you could get motion sickness .
The development in motion capture would be an interesting advancement in the gaming world because it would be like you were actually Inside the game. They would use motion sensors, cameras , 3d technology .

The future of medicine advancment will be huge because they will be able to know more about the human body , how we can use better technology to help heal the human body . The liver has the ability to recover and heal after injury or surgery . Some animals can regrow their body parts however a human can , but a person cannot regain an amputated leg or renew sections of the brain lost to Alzheimer's disease. For this feat, humans need help—and that is the promise of an emerging field of research called regenerative medicine.
i believe that future technology will be more advanced in 50 years then it is now because they
will be able to learn more and progress further in the future eg.iphone20 , xbox 2100 everything with better graphics
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