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Iron Man

The History and Psyche Analysis of Iron Man

Brett Costine

on 1 June 2010

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Transcript of Iron Man

Iron Man History Anthony Stark is born in Long Island The son of Howard Stark, the owner of Stark Industries Enters MIT to study mechatronics at the age of 15 Inherits Stark industries after his parents accidental death in a car crash Captured by the enemy Shrapnel in his chest is close to the heart Ho Yinsen, his fellow prisoner and Nobel-prize winning physisist creates a magnetic chest plate to keep Stark alive... Yinsen sacrifices himself during the escape as a distraction, Tony avenges him by killing the kidnappers. He meets his parter James "Rhodey" Rhodes on his way back home Friends & Confidants James "Rhodey" Rhodes Virginia "Pepper" Potts Harold "Happy" Hogan Marine Corps Helicopter Pilot Secretary Chauffeur Artificial Heart Transplant The Build up of the Arsenal The Iron Man we know The Psychology Humanistic - Cognitive - Behavioral Compulsive Behavior Alcoholic (binge drinker) Narcissistic Prone to Self-Destructive Tendencies Father Provided Financially, yet lacked emotionally Lonely Guarded Misdemeanor Fragile loathing sense of self Pessimism and mistrust in others Self-esteem issues unstable Detachment Arrogance
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