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Copy of Creating a Profile

No description

Moira Keating

on 19 October 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Creating a Profile

Cameron Diaz: From Model to The Mask to Megastar
Boston Magazine, June 2013
Creating a Profile
Components of a Profile
Bait, Lead, Hook
Dominant Impression
Background Research

Dominant Impression
The dominant impression is to a profile what a thesis statement is to an essay.
Angle of the subject the author wishes to highlight
Tools to create a dominant impression
Background Research
Crucial in supplementing interviews and observation
Prepares a writer in conducting the interview
What questions to ask and when
Conducting a large interview allows a wide range of quotes for the writer to pick and choose according to the dominant impression he wishes to convey.

Family, friends, colleagues, etc. should be interviewed as well to further understand the subject of the profile
Ethics and Responsibility of the Writer
"Profiles, after all, are meant to inform readers and offer them the writer's honest perspective - not to serve as publicity or public relations for the person or place profiled. "
Types of Profiles

- Celebrities
- Executives
- Politicians
- Founders of organizations
- Public heroes
• Easily accessible

• Broad audience
Bait, Lead, Hook
A quote, picture, or brief description that puts the reader in the middle of the action
How to Conduct an Interview
Background Info
• Essential information

• Not too much of biography (history)
Background Research Tools
• Interviews (Relatives, Friends, etc.)

• Multimodality
a. Photographs
b. Video files
c. Audio files

• Regular & Additional Research
Executive Profile
(Trimbur, "Ethics of Writing")
Eells, "Good Golly Miss Miley!"
Eells, "Good Golly Miss Miley!"
- Decide who to interview

- Call in advance

- Identify yourself

- Principle person last
- Research

- Questions

- Notepad, pens, tape recorder
The Interview
- Short Questions

- Specifics

- Atmospherics

- Characteristics
- Abbreviations

- Star key quotes

- Fill in gaps
Audience and discourse community
What should you include when you write a profile of a place?
Do's and Don'ts
National Geographic,
May 2011

Katie Couric: How to Conduct a Good Interview
Eells, "Good Golly Miss Miley!"

Rodriguez, Vanity Fair 2012
Salfen, "Making a Difference: Best Buddies"
O'Neil, "Yeah, I'm a Hipster. You Should Thank Me for It."
Open-ending question / Conclusion
What have you learned about profile as a genre?
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