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Apollo 1 Moon Landing Conspiracy

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Kyle Donahue

on 9 November 2013

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Transcript of Apollo 1 Moon Landing Conspiracy

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
The Flag Conspiracy
Argument: Many arguments push that Apollo 1 was a hoax, due to an oddity in the original footage of the flag. In the video, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin's flag appears to be moving in the breeze, a phenomenon that would be impossible due to the moons lack of atmosphere.
Dispelling the Multiple Light Sources Conspiracy
Argument: Some conspiracy theorists argue that the moon landing could have been staged in a studio, and is evidently displayed by the multiple light sources that seem to be casting onto the moon. This is by some believed to be proof of the use of controlled studio lighting.
Russia Even Says It Wasn't Fake!
At the time that Apollo 11 was launched, tension between the US and Russia was alarmingly high. This prompted both a lasting arms race and evoked the determination to put a man on the moon in the first place. When the United States launched Apollo 11, Russia's space program tracked its flight to make sure the US wasn't launching a nuclear weapon into orbit, or like many modern conspiracy theorists believe, lying to dupe their way to being the leader in the space race. When they received their data, it was apparent that Apollo 11 had successfully landed.
Firstly, There is a Giant Reflector on the Moon
First off, and most obvious, we can safely prove we went to the Moon because there is a giant reflector on the Moon that constantly reminds us of our feat. The Lunar Laser Ranging Experiment is an ongoing test that measures the distance from the Earth to the Moon using laser ranging systems and a large reflector set up by the Apollo 11 team. We can use lasers to find the exact spot that Apollo 11 planted these reflectors in 1969.

Video that examines the Lunar Laser Experiment and what it means to conspiracy theorists:
Rock Samples Are Universally Acknowledged As Being Non-Terrestrial
By this I mean that throughout all of the moon landings that have happened, they have all collected lunar rock samples that help scientists get a better idea of lunar geology. Many of these samples have been cross referenced with the samples of the Apollo 11 mission to determine that not only are they the same composition, but also they are all lunar.

The Moon Landing Was Real
An Argumentative Prezi Supporting the Apollo 11 Moon Landing
Explanation: Due to the solid nature of the Moons surface, the American flag would have had to have been forced quite hard into the surface. In the footage, the flag appears to be waving due to the shape of the flagpoles structure, and the lack of gravity on the moon.
By Kyle Donahue
Explanation: Two things account for the explanation of this phenomenon. Firstly, the composition of the surface of the moon is made from highly reflective geologic compounds. Because of this, there are in fact multiple light sources, however they are naturally caused by the reflection of the moon and not by studio lights. Secondly, the uneven landscape on the surface of the moon, also causes discrepancies with the way shadows are cast on the moon.
With every great scientific achievement, there are always bound to be those who deny its existence. While this is something to be expected from any sudden and great change, there are still people who believe that the Apollo 11 Moon Landing was a hoax by the US Government to rally their nationalist agenda even though evidence has been proving this theory wrong for over 40 years.
A video displaying the movement of flags in a low gravity environment:
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