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watch this class!

No description

Heaven Bispham

on 21 February 2012

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Transcript of watch this class!

Many courses are offered to help your children
Tips and advice
Help for ages 6-16 years old
Help for the aggressor
Our Services Our Goals As many children join as possible
Keep prices at a low rate
Build at least 3 more buildings
Is your child a victim of bullying?
Is you child a bully? If you answered
yes to any of these questions, then Bully
Free is for your child. Here are
some reasons why...
Experience Three years of training
Worked with both aggressors and victims
Since 2001 x 3 Bully Free
Reasonable age limits (6 -16 and 8-15)
1 course= 15$
6 consecutive days= 35$
1 month= 60$ Age Limits and Prices Phone: 514-767-FREE
Website: www.bullyfree.org
Address: 5163 St-Michelle (Westmount)
Contact us anytime, any place, because
at Bully Free... WE CARE! If now you're convinced
that Bully Free is the
right place for
your child then......
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