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Marketing Strategies Analysis (Toms Shoes)

Case Research

Ju Hyun Kim

on 12 January 2013

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Transcript of Marketing Strategies Analysis (Toms Shoes)

STATEMENT KEY PERSONNEL Internal Communication Communication with retailer and Wholesaler Staff manual Expectation from retailer in dealing with customer
An actual image of the brand Catalog Concept Book MAIN COUNTRIES 1. How to incubate brand in the market 1. How to incubate brand in the market
EX) TOMS KOREA CONTINUE I. Strategic Approach on Brand RISKS Political Financial Social Brazil China India South Africa Corruption Terrorism
Corruption Slowing
Growth Economic
Slowdown Caste
System Popular
Dissent Corruption Large Debts
Economic Slowdown Poor
Infrastructre Human Rights
Dissent Security All the campaigns share one common goal: to spread the story of TOMS. TOMS make customers advertise for them (free advertising)
Launching of Toms Apparel, Toms Eyewear
Retain One for One motto
(Eyewear line price over $100) VI. Customer Relation TOMS post their movements on blog. Muhtar Kent
Chairman of the Board,
CEO Alexander B. Cummings Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer Gary P. Fayard
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer John M. Farrell
Vice President,
Chief Strategy Officer Manufacturer Internal operations
Cultural personality
Fixed image
Time seasonal scale Bilateral Communication Influences customer indirectly Distributor WholeSaler Retailer Retailer Distributor Brand Head Quarter STRUCTURE Head Quarter EX) TOMS KOREA TOMS KOREA
Toms = Shoes for tomorrow Head Quarter Retailer I nternational Distributor * Brand concept  TOMS (slogan- one for one- )
 When a consumer buys a pair of shoes, buyer can donate a pair of shoes to poor people. They called it, ‘shoe drop’

* Brand scope
-Young consumers who tend to follow trends

* Market suitability of brand
Korea was a recipient country  An aid country
Many Koreans have mind to help poor people around the world because they went through poverty. YEAR DonAted Shoes 2006 2010 5+7= (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr 10,000 1,000,000 Introducing Firm's Goal
Facilitates horizontal business
relationship M arketing Brand expected value- The shoes are boom in Korea right know, and the fashion industry cycle is normally 5~6 years. In Korea, many celebrities are wearing TOMS shoes, and many Koreans are likely to follow celebrities.

Brand limitation- The shoes are unaired. Feet sweat a lot.

Brand complementation- change the shoes material (transformation of insole&outsole->less sweat & less slippery) 2.Implementing the marketing strategy Manufacturer Conducting the marketing strategy based on brand concept, scope, and brand’s oriented value.

Must assign a value to the brand.

How to implement the marketing strategy to suit domestic consumers’ taste.
( Not to lose the originality of the brand)

Implementing the marketing strategy continuous by compensating the defects. 2.Implementing the marketing strategy
EX) TOMS KOREA P roduction C ontrol Head Quarter Retailer Distributor wholesaler Show Window
Various usage
Different from concept book * Hold on an event
- one day without shoes ∙ Promote a shoe drop story
- When TOMS donates shoes, the staffs put shoes on children by themselves.
The company can assign values and show the brand concept (the feeling of indirect donate direct donate) 2.Implementing the marketing strategy
EX) TOMS KOREA Many celebrities wear TOMS shoes
- HyoJin Kong, SeungBeom Ryu
- Scarlett Johansson
- Keira Knightley
∙ Touch people’s feeling
- Televised documentary
- present a good image as a social enterprise ∙ Set up the new marketing strategy- Sustainable marketing strategy
TOMSEYE WEAR -If a consumer buys a pair of sunglasses, TOMS provides people who suffer from eye disease with medical eye treatments.
Medical treatment, Prescription glasses and Sight-saving surgery Wholesaler Distributor Regional Marketing Exclusive
Non-Exclusive Internal control

External Control Retailer ales to general consumers S inor marketing M Toms Head Quarter Toms Korea Wholesaler Retailer Internal Communication (cc) image by rocketboom on Flickr (cc) image by quoimedia on Flickr Continuous Brand Improvement Wholesaler customer Head quarter Inventory Control brand concept & scope brand expected value brand limitation &
brand complementation Tangilble Value: Expected CFs
Intangible Value: Goodwill, Reputation 1. Analyze Brand Concept
What is figure out brand originality?
What is the intrinsic value of the brand? 2. Set up scope
male vs female Pictures and vide clips,
Style Your Sole (SYS) One Day Without Shoes Campus Program Toms Korea
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