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Brazil and Uraguay

No description

Curt DeYoung

on 21 March 2018

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Transcript of Brazil and Uraguay

Brazil and Uruguay
By: Brant Schutter
Day 1: Travel Day
Today we are leaving for Rio de Janeiro. When we arrived we went to our hotel we are staying at Slaviero Lifestyle hotel. We booked four rooms for $49 a night.
Day 2: Sugarloaf Mountain
We hiked up the mountain and when we got to the top you could see a lot of big monuments like the Christ the Redeemer Statue. Also we could see Copacabana. We are staying at Arena Leme hotel it is on top of the Sugarloaf mountain for $240 a night.
Day 3: Christ the Redeemer
We rented bikes and biked to the Christ the Redeemer Statue and it was huge. Then we returned our bikes and went to the airport and left for Uruguay.
Day 4: Museum Day
We got to Uruguay and decided to go to the Museo Historia Del Arte MuHAr. It is a museum that has ancient artifacts from around the world there is even a Egyptian mummy.
Day 5: Horseback Riding
We went horseback riding in Madonado. We rode for about 6 miles and it lasted about 3 hours.
Day 6: Pocitos
Pocitos is one of the most beautiful beaches in Uruguay. It is known for building and sailing ships. They also do a lot of canoeing. It was a good relaxing day at the beach.
Day 7: Zip Lining and Traveling
We went zip lining through the Uruguay forests and had a great time. We had to leave. We had to fly into Vermont and caught another flight to Grand Rapids. We had a great time.
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