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Choctaw Indians Presentation

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Joohwan Sung

on 2 February 2017

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Transcript of Choctaw Indians Presentation

Choctaw Indians
What did the Choctaw Indians eat?
How did Choctaw Indians adapt to the environment? How was it creative?
Sweet Potato
By Joohwan Sung and Young Jin Park
Maize (Corn)
They made houses out of wattle, daub, mud, and hay. They were the only useful materials to use to make a house.
They also hunted animals and used them for clothing and food. The climate where the Choctaw Indians lived were sometimes cold and hot.
Weapons Choctaws Used
Bows and Arrows
Men wore breech cloths.
Women wore skirts made
from animal skin.
Tools and crafts Choctaw Indians made
Wood carvings
Bead work
Rivercane baskets
Beliefs Choctaw Indians had
They believed that they emerged
from the earth throgh a mound
called Nanih Waiya.
Recreation Choctaw Indians enjoyed
Arts and crafts
Cooking utensils Choctaw
Indians used
Imprortance of trade for Choctaw Indians
The Trail of Tears
They trade pearls and beaver pelts
and tried to get guns and
deer skin which was very
useful for the Indians.
The Trail of Tears was a journey
when the Choctaw Indians were
forced to move out of their land.
How Choctaw Indians ruled themselves
The Choctaw Indians had a chief
that ruled the tribe.
Thank you for listening!
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