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11 2/4

No description

erika steinger

on 11 February 2016

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Transcript of 11 2/4

10 2/4
stop and jot
Animal Farm
Do Now
Meet with your group from yesterday to finish your poster
Prepare to present to the class
Thursday, February 4th
George Orwell
animal farm
Russian Revolution
Fill in your graphic organizer to complete your notes on the Russian Revolution
a story in which made-up characters or situations are created to represent seemingly unrelated real people or events
Why would George Orwell write an allegory about the Russian Revolution?
Written in 1945- Russia was an ally to the Western World in the fight against Hitler
Orwell was a socialist
Workers should own/control industry
Felt Communist Russia strayed from initial goals
Dangers of unchecked power
focus question
What is the current status of Manor Farm?
Who are the characters?
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