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Finding & Applying for Scholarships

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Transcript of Finding & Applying for Scholarships

How do I apply?
Where do I look?
Being a Successful Scholarship Winner
Finding & Applying for

1. Personal information
2. Essay
3. Letters of recommendation
4. Transcripts / GPA
5. Financial Information
6. Test Scores
Books & lists from Guidance Counselor and NACRC
Major/School of Study
Create a Portfolio
Search for Scholarships Early
Follow Directions
Make your application stand out
Apply, Apply, Apply!
Wait Where???
Try these free sources for information on scholarships:

Financial aid office at a college or career school
A high school or TRIO counselor
Federal agencies
Your state grant agency
Your library’s reference section
Foundations, religious or community organizations, local businesses, or civic groups
Organizations (including professional associations) related to your field of interest
Ethnicity-based organizations
Your employer or your parents’ employers
The NACRC!!!!
Common Essay Topics:
Community service
Major or career
Challenge you have overcome
Current events
Background or Influences
Future plans or goals
Pick people who know you well
Academic, work, coaches, community leaders, etc.
Ask early
Remind the person before due dates
Give a resume or list of accomplishments & activities
Ask for MULTIPLE copies
Give a thank you card
AZ Earn to Learn
Adelaide Ryerson- Smith Memorial Award
Studentaid.ed.gov, Oct. 1
Feea.org/scholarships, Jan-May
National Institutes of Health, Jan. 3-Mar. 14
Veteran Support
Coconino County Farm Bureau
Raymond Educational Foundation
Over the Rainbow Butterfly Garden
Foundation Scholarships at NAU
Leadership Scholarship Program ASU
Scholarship Universe at UA
Merit-Based Scholarships for incoming Freshmen (at most colleges)
Check with the department that your major belongs to!
Parks & Rec Club Scholarship
Boy Scouts of America
Daughters of the American Revolution
Elks Club
Rotary Club
Flagstaff Kennel Club
Taco Bell
Be aware of scholarships which have minimum GPA requirements to apply and financial criteria
Only apply to scholarships for which you meet the criteria (close to the criteria? Call the group and ask!)
Find out if scholarship requires additional information to be submitted with the application (letters of recommendation or transcripts)
Follow up to make sure that your application is received
Upcoming Opportunities
Remember to thoroughly spell check and proofread an ENTIRE scholarship application before submission
Errors in an application can be a deciding factor for a scholarship decision committee
READ ALL PARTS OF APPLICATION ALOUD, including your personal information. This helps to ensure accuracy before completion
Have someone close to your look over the application
You only have one chance to make a lasting impression--DO YOUR BEST!
Extra-curricular activities
Community Service
Standardized Test Scores
Special Interest
Religious Affiliation
NAU Foundation Scholarships, Dec 1 - Jan 5
NAU Financial Aid Office, Opens Jan 1
Create-a-Greeting Card Scholarship, $10,000-Mar. 2
Sun Student Scholarship, Due March 1
FNSNA Nursing Scholarship, Due Jan. 13
AWS John C. Lincoln Memorial Scholarship, Welding Engineer students, Due Feb. 15
Ron Brown Scholar, $10,000 African Americans, Jan 9
ASTA Arizona Scholarship, $1,500 Feb 1-April 1
It's easy to become overwhelmed when using a scholarship search engine
Create an email specifically for scholarship searching
Create a comprehensive profile
Check sites & email often
Receiving a Scholarship
Communicate if your contact information changes
Understand your college's policy on scholarships and how they can affect your financial aid package
Scholarship notifications typically happen in May
Some scholarships set restrictions on how the funds may be used
Failure to meet criteria can jeopardize your ability to keep the scholarship
Funds are typically paid to the college
Join scholarship search engine
Research college-specific scholarships
Parents- Proofread scholarship essays
Research scholarships offered by employer
Set-up an advising appointment
Letters of Recommendation
Follow Directions!
There are scholarships for EVERYTHING
Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship
Tall Clubs International Scholarship
The Calm-A-Sutra of Tea
Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship
Star Fleet (International Star Trek Fan Association) Scholarship
Free money awarded to students for academic achievement, interest, special talents, financial need or a combination of factors.
Common Myths about Scholarships
You can only get scholarships if you have strong financial need
You can only win scholarships as a high school senior
You should be involved in as many extracurricular activities as possible
You need straight A's to receive scholarships
Remember that each scholarship application and selection criteria is unique.
Keep these documents organized!
Additional: Pass an exam, complete a project, submit portfolio, interview
Scholarship Search Engines
Scholarship Scams
There is no limit to how much money you can receive
Most scholarships range from $1,000-$5,000
There are few full ride scholarships
Every dollar counts-don't dismiss small scholarships
Other Scholarship Application Tips
Use a professional email address
Clean up your Facebook
Google yourself
Make a photocopy of your application before mailing it
If rejected, ask the reviewer for comments
If you have to pay money to get money - it's probably a scam
Tips on Winning Scholarships
Prioritize your applications by deadline and the expected value of the scholarship
Use a calendar and checklist to get organized
Create an accomplishments resume
Tailor your application to the sponsor's goals
Read and Follow the instructions
Make your application stand out from the crowd

Tips for Essay Writing
Don't try too hard
Be yourself. The scholarship organization wants to know you!
Be creative! Scholarship essays are not meant to be a standard 5 paragraph essay.
Use 75% of the word count and make each word important
Write the prompt at the top of your paper so you can refer to often
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