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Jagroop Dhillon

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of The NHL

Is good for the NHL?



NHL Lockouts
Affect on surrounding economies
Non-traditional hockey markets
Gary Bettman
Gary Bettman

Born Gary Bruce Bettman

June 2, 1952 (age 60)

Queens, New York City

Commissioner of the National Hockey League
Third in command of the NBA

On February 1, 1993, Bettman began his tenure as the first commissioner of the National Hockey League

The owners hired Bettman with the mandate of ending labor disputes and completing expansion plans
Gary Bettman is paid milion per year
billion would be trimmed from Canada's GDP if this current lockout had continued
There are teams losing money each year
Phoenix lost million last season
Phoenix was bought for million by the NHL from bankruptcy
of the league's bottom 11 franchises in terms of attendance come from the ten expansions or relocations promoted by Bettman
The Leafs made
million last season and the Penguins made
The Kings made
million during the 2011-2012 season, the same season they won the Stanley cup
lost money last season
Although, the NHL is a $3.3 billion corporation, there still exist teams losing millions annually due misguided expansion into non-traditional hockey markets, duties which are the responsibilities of the commissioner
A report from Forbes indicates that teams are losing money
Nine of the league's bottom 11 franchises in terms of attendance come from the ten expansions or relocation teams promoted by Bettman
$ 123.3
the NHL lost
last season
teams are worthless
$ 11 million
$ 70 million
Moved by Bettman
$24 million
Bought from bankruptcy for $130 million
Wayne Gretzky
Phoenix is not the only problem for the NHL, last year Forbes estimated that the Panthers lost $68 million in the last 9 years, an average deficit of $7.5 million per season
The only option for the Bettman is to have a mass relocation of struggling teams to hockey markets where teams can thrive during good and rough times.
Should the owners be blamed for not firing Gary Bettman?
Although strictly being hired with a mandate to end labour disputes, Gary Bettman has been in the middle of three lockouts in just 20 years.
Gary Bettman recently locked out the NHL to change the previous system to help teams like the Coyotes and the Florida Panthers
revenue share
The new 2005 CBA agreement Bettman implemented only slowed the inevitable disaster awaiting a majority of the NHL teams relocated or expanded by Bettman
The three lockouts have drained billions of dollars
2012-2013 lockout
501.6 houses in Canada
376.2 Tim Horton's franchises
During last lockout the league achieved its objective by imposing major salary rollbacks and slashing the revenue share of the players by 21% Yet the six major teams losing money had their revenue share dip by 3% the next season
78.4 2012 Bugatti
Due to countless lockouts and ill-advised expansions into southern markets, thousands of businesses have reported revenue loss directly connected to the NHL work stoppage
Not only has he devastated the internal economy of the NHL, he has now taken himself and his path of destruction on a global economic level.
The Bank of Montreal's deputy chief economist indicates that if the current lockout had stretched to a full season, .1 % or
$billion would be trimmed from Canada's GDP
South of the border in Long Island, economists are predicting a $60 million hit if the season had not begun and estimated a $60 million hit during the last lockout in St. Paul, Minn
Local NHL teams provide host cities with economic stimulus by generating money through injections from tourists and spending at bars, restaurants, parking and hotel rooms.
Yet the most substantial hit is being taken by drinking establishments falling nearly 35 per cent from a year ago. Total spending near the Toronto's Air Canada Center is also down by 17% and 21% near Montreal's Bell Center
Bettman’s disregard and lack of empathy has even reached a political level. Senators Robert Menendez and Frank Lautenberg from New Jersey were pleading the commissioner to consider the economic repercussions of a full season stoppage and even written him a letter urging so.
VP of the Montréal Canadians has similarly noted that all employees have taken 20% pay cuts and some 1,000 part time employees now do not work on game days due to the lockout.
Should the owners be to blame for not firing Gary Bettman? Why do you think they have not already?
Would the NHL be more economically viable if it was contacted down to 20 teams?
Toronto or Quebec?
Should the NHL be obligated to consider the repercussions of a lockout on businesses? Or is it not there problem?
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