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cody ham

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Jamestown

Jamestown was a southern colony. It was based in
at the fork of Virginia near the James river.
Hoped to make profits for the colony by finding gold or other natural resources they could sell.
Wanted to find the long desired trade route to Asia.
They wanted to find a new place for a colony.
Not wanting the colony to fail, new leader Lord De La Warr ordered the colonists to return to Jamestown and gave them strict rules about farming.
Jamestown was built for King James.
On May 14,1607, the Virginia company
explorers landed on Jamestown island
to establish the Virginia English colony
on the banks of the James river, 60 miles
from the mouth of Chesapeake bay.

Jamestown downfall:
By 1608 Jamestown was failing.Life in Jamestown was harsh. The settlement was on a swamp, colonist died form drinking impure water from diseases spread by mosquitoes.Some of Jamestown people tried to escape.
By: Cody Ham ,Abi Hopkins,
Amy Patrick, Quentin Brannan and
Andrew Myers
Fun Facts:

1. Jamestown served as the capital of Virginia until 1699.

2. The people of Jamestown were the people that discovered a branch of government called the House of Burgesses.

3.Jamestown only had 3 leaders in its history until the House of Burgesses.

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