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Personal Learning

No description

taylah nelson

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Personal Learning

in humanities we have been discovering maps and learning about contour lines. i have found it really fun researching information about volcanoes and earthquakes because it is really interesting.
Personal Learning
in maths we recently had a test. i was really happy with the results i recieved which were 40/41. i really liked learning about negative numbers because i understood alot of the work.
in english i have really enjoyed reading the book bridge to wise mans cove. i am up to date with it and we have been doing a few journal tasks which were relative to the book.
in science we have been learning about the heart and the human body. i have participated in a few dissection which were really interesting. im really proud of everything ive learnt so i can use it for my futre.
in sport we have been focusing on athletics. i am very happy with my times and measurements in some of the events we have participated in. i threw 19.75m in javlin and 30m in discus.
in drama i have really enjoyed what we have been doing for the past couple of weeks. we played murder in the dark last week which was one of my favourite things i have done in drama.
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