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Recruitment Voting Structure

No description

Nicole Schreur

on 26 July 2014

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Transcript of Recruitment Voting Structure

Recruitment Voting Structure
Why are we switching to a new way?
Nationals has decided that all chapters will be using the same voting system.

This is to ensure
Process guided by Core Values
How to use the voting card.
The five things that a PNM are graded on are out core values.

There is a list of approved adjectives for every core value on officer portal. These adjective lists will be printed out for every team captain to have to check for the round and will be referred when grading.

The numbers are as follows:
0- does not meet values
1- meets values
2 - exceeds expectations
Round 1,2,and 3
Every PNM will be scored by everyone who talked to her (similar to how we have in the past)
This is the score sheet that we will be using
Old way of voting
Fill out sheet for each girl after every round
Girls are based on an A-Cut score
repeat for all rounds
Discussion after house tours
Bid listen raking after Preference including discussion
How will it work?
How the scores are used
At the end of every party through rounds 1,2,&3
the scores of each girl will be placed into an excel spreadsheet and averaged out. Then before preference they get a pre-preference score. This is the average of rounds 1,2,&3 combined. At the end of every round girls will be dropped (if need be) based on the lowest average score.
Pre-Preference Discussion
Throughout the weekend you may choose to bring up a girl for discussion. You will do so by writing her name on the back of a voting sheet and handing it to the VP of Growth, Director of Membership Selection, or a member of the Chapter Advisory Board. Please only write a girl's name down if it is negative discussion and you wish to release her. There will also be a time right after round 3 to submit anymore names while the list is sorted.

She will only be discussed right before preference.

Discussion Continued
How is discussion run? Like a business meeting!
Step 1 - Girls name is submitted in previous round
Step 2 - Director of Membership will read the girls name
Step 3 - Anyone may say a CON from the list of approved adjectives.
Step 4 - If a con is said then a pro may be said. This goes on (con-pro) until either no one has anything to say or three cons and pros have been listed.
Step 5 - We vote on the member. She must pass by a 2/3 vote. Those who are probation may not vote.
Step 6 - If they get voted to be released they get put on the bottom of our list (or released based on numbers) by percent voting to be released.

What happens after Preference?

The PNMs who come through our preference
will get a Preference score just like every other round. The score from this round is averaged out with their Pre-Preference score to figure out where they stand on our bid list. If there is a tie it goes to GPA.

The chapter will not vote or rank the bid list. They will also not be seeing the ranking of the girls.

Check officer portal first. It has a Guide to Membership Selection, the ballot sheets, approved adjective lists, the PowerPoint from convention, and phone numbers to contact in the presentation. If you still have questions after that please ask me! If you do not have officer portal feel free to contact me.
A legacy is a women who is eligible for membership in Alpha Sigma Tau and whose relative (mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, or first cousin) is a member of the Sorority.

She must be asked back to Round 2, but she may be released after that.
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