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Social Media 101

No description

Vivienne Dobbs

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Social Media 101

Frying Up A Successful
Social Media Strategy

Used to connect to a broader audience
Offline relationships with followers/followees are less common
Less personal than Facebook
Large influence pool

Content is all about timeliness
Breaking news, the newest information
Anything outdated will be passed over
When news happens in this world, you’ll hear it first on Twitter

All about the action
The slug or title needs to attract attention or demand action
Remember the character restriction so get right down to it!
Twitter also has the element of virality
Managing Twitter lists, searches, and feeds with Tweet Deck
Temple's Strategy
What is Social Media?
Social Media refers to "interaction among people in which they create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks."
Facebook Insights
Facebook Insights provides an analytics experience ranging from a simple overview to a deep dive into how people are discovering and responding to your content.

Linkedin Group Statistics
Group Statistics tool focuses on three areas: demographics, growth, and activity. It's designed with infographics to highlight the most important signals you’ll need to help you understand your group better.
Start with optimizing your resources!
Easy ways to curate content
Time-saving tools to help schedule posts (set it and forget it!)

Measuring effectiveness of your content
Analytics and reporting tools
Get a 360 degree view of your audience by monitoring

Tools to help increase the ROI for using social media

Let's talk platforms!
Increase visibility and awareness
Promote programming, education and networking opportunities
General athletics
Regional events

Strategic Points
Peer to Peer vs. Institution to Peer
Reputation management
Regional focus

Used to connect with friends, family, co-workers, and other acquaintance

Interactions last long(er)

Content profile
Making on and offline connections
Reputation management
Customer service/inquiry

Writing for Facebook
Understand your audience
Encourage discussion and/or ask engaging questions
Images! Images! Images!
Content curation tool for detection and notification via Gmail
Automatically notifies users of news, stories, etc. that match with a set of search terms defined by the user
Able to track what is being said about your brand online


Social media management system for brand management
Creates a dashboard for social network integrations of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, and others
Offers customizable columns for tracking trends
Users can send and receive messages and view profiles
Allows for scheduled posts

Social media dashboard application for Twitter account management (web-based)
Offers customizable columns for tracking trends
Users can send and receive messages and view profiles

A Twitter list is a “curated” group of Twitter handles
You can subscribe to another Twitter user’s lists or create your own
Lists allow you to separate Twitter users’ tweets however you see fit (ie. a list of “Friends,” “Coworkers,” “Famous People,” "Bacon")
This will allow you to organize the way you receive tweets

Who doesn't want to know everything about what you're doing with your bacon???

In Other Words...
It's a super fancy way to discuss the way people from all over this world are constantly, incessantly, endless, perpetually, gabbing online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

(social networks account for 20% of time spent online!!)

Take a picture, it'll last longer!

Content profile
Image driven
No cap on characters
Can feed into both Twitter and Facebook
Creating a visual identity
Angela Showell, Professional Bacon-eater

Content Profile
Connect with colleagues: past, present and future
Online resume
Relevant topics
Facilitate and guide discussions

Bringing Home the Bacon
CURE-ating Your Content
with Twitter Lists
CURE-ating Your Content
with Google Alerts
How do we bring bring home as much bacon as possible?

Images for Instagram
Thoughtful composure
Google +

Content profile
Image-focused (Temple-specific)
Useful to connect with different types of "buckets" (circle feature)
Audience segmentation

Content Profile
News stories
Ad videos
Strategic Points
Temple Made
TU Alerts
Reputation Management
Increase the "love"
Customer service
Increase visibility
Drive Enrollment
Posting for Google +
Similar to Facebook
Not pressing information
Share "fun" elements on social
Google Hangouts
Let's talk platforms!
But not every combination is a good idea!

Broccoli to Bacon Theory
promotional information, marketing material, institutional priorities
fun statistics, interesting news or events, useful information

Striking the right ratio of promo and non-promo is imperative on social media

General recommendation: 70% bacon to 30% broccoli

Some Bacon for Thougth
Send in your photos
Tag us in your photo on Twitter or Facebook
The deliverable was “Temple Twosome Facebook Album”
Time period: 10 to 13 days

Curated through TU Photography
Iconic images around campus
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