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Planning a trip

No description

Xavi Tarres

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of Planning a trip

Cultural visits
New York City
The capital of the world
The are lots of famous museum and buildings
Cultural visits
Empire State
Museum of the Natural History
Central Park
The Liberty Statue
Entertainment Time
Broadway's theater
Go shopping in Times Square
Mass to listen gospel
Accommodation and transport
Hotel: Pod 39
Total price
This is the capital of Finland and the biggest city of the country.
Helsinki is call the city of the snow because all the year is cold.
The packing list:
Warm clothes like jumpers and coats, scarf, gloves, a cap... It's important to take medication to prevent colds and flu.
The visits and the places can be chosen by you.
We will go from Barcelona to Helsinki on Monday morning. We are going to stay on Monday to Friday. On Saturday we will go to the Icehotel and on Sunday we will return to Barcelona.

Helsinki Cathedral Uspenskin
National Museum of Finland
Railway Station
Accommodation and transport
GLO Hotel Art

Normally by van
Some days will get a huskies sled or snowmobiles
Funny visits
Total price
4 nights cost 553€ for an adult including the breakfast
The Icehotel:
One night cost 50€ for an adult
135€ the round trip
95€ for person (some are free)

The extra meals are included in 300€ approximately.

1500€ per person approximately
Italy (Rome)
Cultural visits
Cultural visits

Vatican City.
Tower of Pisa.
Accommodation and transport
Funny visits
Typical Italian's pasta restaurants.

Spartan representations.
Total price
Rome controlled quite all Europe.

There are too many famous fountains.

There are some of the most important monuments of the whole world.
The Icehotel
Lego show theme park
Santa's City
Sea life center
Tipical houses

The yellow hostel. (Termini)

Flight: 360$
Accommodation: 1365$
Extra activities: 320$
Transport: Taxi, bus and tube
Hotel: 209 * 7 = 1463
Airplane: 500
Extra activities: About 400
Transport: About 300

Total price: 2700 More or less

Total price: 2440 aprox.
New York
(Travel straight to madness)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Is travel more expensive using a travel agent?
No, it's cheaper because we use the best sales.
It's difficult to book a trip?
In TSM we'll do all the paperwork if u bring us your proof identity.
How can we decide what trip should book?
We always ask our clients for his opinion and you can check the rating of each travel.
How can we ask you to know more details about the trip?
We recommend you to see our web page where you can ask all your questions and check others trips.
Xavi Tarrés
Marc Teixidó
Marc Calvera
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