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The Imperfect

No description

Karla Munoz

on 3 February 2016

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Transcript of The Imperfect

The Imperfect
The other past tense
Lets play
with the regulars!
Páreme la mano
Let's watch
The --AR enigns
--ER and --IR endings
The irregulars
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 6
Round 5
Round 4
How to play.......
The almost regular just don't drop the e
Let's try it!
Let's try it!
situations where the imperfect needs to be used
Key word ESTAR
Yo estaba en la escuela

Key word tener
Yo tenía 4 años
physical estate
Key word estar
Yo estaba enferma.
Key word ser
Eran las tres de la tarde.
habitual, repeated, on-going actions
Key words "cada...
(día, año, mes, etc)
Cada día yo cantaba.
emotional estate
Key word estar
Yo estaba enojada.
Key word hacer and weather expressions
Hacía calor. Nevaba
Appearance & description
Key word ser
Cuando yo era niño, yo era bajo
Key word ser
Era el tres de enero
Key word querer expression of wanting something
Yo quería un perro no quería un gato.
Let's Try it!
next page
Let's create it!
On the large paper provided, create an informational poster about LAPTHEWADA
Each meaning of the acronym must have the following:
1. The meaning of the letter
2. 3 sentence in Spanish about the situation the letter represents
3. A picture that illustrates the situation
This is a group grade

Let's create!

Using the verbs from your bell work, create 3 sentences about what you used to do when you were a child.
Use three different subjects. This means you will talk about yourself (yo), you and a friend (_____ y yo), and you in the third person (use your name)
I can conjugate regular imperfect verbs
Now we can conjugate regular imperfect verbs
I can conjugate irregular imperfect verbs!
I can connect LAP THE WADA
I can apply the LAP THE WADA concept
La princesa estaba en su casa
El palacio estaba en Agrabah
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