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Kindergarten Open House

No description

Terri Purcell

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of Kindergarten Open House

Welcome to Kindergarten
Mrs. Ferrel: All Day
Mrs. Holtgraver: All Day
Mrs. Morrison:Half Day
Mrs. Purcell: Half Day
A Day In Kindergarten
All Day: 8:25-3:25
Half Day: 8:25-11:25 AM
12:25-3:25 PM
Please contact the office with absences at 856-3100.
Students arriving late should go directly to the office.

PE: Mr. Amos

Music: Mrs. Hopper

Computer: Mrs. Campbell

Eploration: Mrs. Byard

Library: Mrs. Athey
Parent Communication
News Letters
Phone calls
Counting by ones and counting forward
from a given number
Counting by tens
Writing numbers from memory
Comparing numbers
Identifying greater than, less than
Add numbers to 10 using objects
Subtract from 10 using objects
Solving real world math problems
Mentally adding a subtracting numbers
Identifying 2D and 3D shapes
Describing shapes and composing larger
shapes from smaller shapes.

letter recognition
letter sounds
segmenting words
reading sight words (37)
Reading comprehension:
a)Main Idea
b)Story Structure
d)Drawing conclusions
f)Making predictions
Writing alphabet letters
Write about:
Book Orders
Field trip
Hands on
Five senses
Observations (scientific process)
Core Standards: All States are getting on board and adopting universal expectations at each grade level. Our district has worked to align our grade card to match these core standards.
Social Studies
*Leaders at home/school
Thank You for Coming!!!
STAR Discipline

Be Safe
Think Kindly
Act Responsibly
Be Respectful
Be a STAR!
When students have challenges with making good choices:
A Discipline Referral = Parent Communication via a letter home, email, phone call, or a combination depending on the type of behavior and the occurrence number of the behavior
Star Student notes are utilized to reinforce students’ positive choices.
Consequences Rubric – Identifies different types of behavior and provides consequences for each occurrence for each behavior type
The rubric will be utilized as a guideline. Special situations may occur and may be subject to administrator adjustment depending on the specifics of the incident
The rubric is posted on the website so parents can easily view it. A hard copy can be provided for those without web access
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