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Banana Inc. Technologies

No description

Raymond Carag-Chiu

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Banana Inc. Technologies

Banana Technologies
Mission Statement
The Team
Manbinder Singh
Has a Masters in Electronics
Founder and former CEO of Bunjee-Craft for 17 years, was bankrupt due to the crashing economy.
Co-Founder of Banana Tech.
President of Marketing and Production
Janaye Green
Has a Masters in Business
Held the position of Vice President of Production and Marketing in the Bakersfield branch of Mangogo Inc. for 10 years and was promoted to President for another 7 years.
Co-Founder of Banana Tech (though she disapproves of the name)
President of Finance
Raymond Carag-Chiu
Has a Masters in Everything
Successfully adviced 50 large companies and some 200 smaller companies away from bankruptcy
Has been the book-keeper of Madrigal Corps. for 15 years
Co-Founded Banana Tech.

Market Summary
Business Concept
We will provide a seamless interaction between the phone, the car screen and the user. With our technology you will be able to display your smart phone on your car screen and fully use it from the car screen just as you would use your phone regularly.
BT-tech allows and complete access to and through the phone
with a limit of accessible apps
Goals & Objectives
Similar product
"Access for All"
Business Presentation
Janaye Green
Manbinder Singh
Raymond Carag-Chiu
Banana Technologies is a company devoted to creating next level technology. Our mission is to be one step ahead of this advancing world. We at Banana Technologies see ourselves as partners with our employers, community, environment, and customers. We aim to become a worldwide name brand company that entertains, amazes, and improves the lives of the people.
fficient wireless
ransmission (EDT)
Plan to increase our share in the Market to 25%
Lower manufacturing costs
Expand our industry
(holographic design,
software development...)
Competive price of $379.99
Labor Costs:
Taxes and Fees
Start-up Costs
Building costs:
Recurring Expenses
Unskilled Laborers
Introducing ____ Incorporated's Renovatio. The next step in mobile convenience, Renovatio allows the car to access the contents of the portable device and display the data and apps on the dashboard head unit, with the Renovatio app, axillary cord, and customized dashboard touch screen monitor.

Introducing BT's Sync-Up. The next step in mobile convenience, Sync-Up allows the car to access the contents of the portable device and display the data and apps on the dashboard head unit, with the Sync-Up app, cord, and customized dashboard touch screen monitor.

Simple mode limits what you can do from your phone in order to reduce the risk of distractions (Drive Mode).

Advance mode lets you to do everything that your phone can do.

The car touch screen
Data transfer cable
Sync-Up app
Hardworking and Dedicated
Sync-Up, while being next step technology and one of the safest products of its design, is made by people who have a love and understanding of technology. While it does take time, money, and effort to produce, we at Banana Tech would have it no other way.
The End
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