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Social Fundraising

Erik Bjørnsen

on 6 August 2014

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Transcript of Aidbuilder

Background from Mobile Industry
SMS donations
Erik Bjornsen
CEO & Founder
Experience from Mobile Industry
SMS donations
Today we convert our tech knowledge into market leading fundraising tools.
Mobile Marketing
We expand your reach of donors
We empower your supporters
to raise money on your behalf
will automatically open your email client with link to the fundraising page
Paid Facebook Ads
vs. Aidbuilder
CTR on Facebook
Let your supporters ask for donations and raise 6-9 times more!
Select a cause
Campaign Frontpage
Fundraisers Page
Overview of Platform
Employer Giving
Cause Related Marketing
Celebrity case
Why is Cause Marketing of high interest for companies?
Charity Chocolate
Invitation for "almost" a free cup of hot chocolate. Pay what you want and it will all be donated to the victims of the Pakistan flooding
Just invited 2317 friends
for a hot cup of chocolate :-)
Today I will wake up the radio hosts with hot chocolate
The small shop got a lot of publicity and raised twice as much as the fundraising target
Cause Related Marketing
How to turn consumers of a super brand into charity fundraisers
Transaction-based giving
I will share this with my 200 friends on facebook
What if we could
1) Get their contact info
2) Make them sign up for newsletters
3) Involve their friends
4) Turn them into fundraisers
5) Convert them into monthly donors
So are we able to get in touch with these consumers and will it help increase awareness about our cause?
To get a ticket to my charity concert you need to create a fundraising page and raise 1000 DKK. If you raise 1500 DKK you will reiceve 2 tickets
To keep momentum during the campaign she made a prize draw
Individual Fundraiser

1289 donations (+ contact info)
Avg. Donation: 882 NOK = app. €118 (euro)
Final result: 1,137,455 NOK = app. €152.000 (euro)
Now it is easy to get your family donate and reach your goal
Customized Widget
Aidbuilder will send emails from YOUR email address with great tips:

- if there are still no donation activity after 7 days
- when donation activities are declining after 30 days

More alerts can be set up and customized
The Aidbuilder system takes care of communicating with your supporters helping them to reach their goals.
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