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Camryn Bliss and Briana Davis

No description

lib hist

on 31 August 2017

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Transcript of Camryn Bliss and Briana Davis

Camryn Bliss and Briana Davis
Holderman and Carter both saved lives of their commrades.
Both men ran into enemy fire to fight.
They both left the safety or their positions.
Both displayed acts of courage and valor
Holderman and Carter each had a different position in the military
They were alive, at different time periods. Holderman died in 1953 while Carter is still alive at the age of 37
Holderman served in the National Guard, and Carter served as a cavalry scout
Holderman served in World War l, and Carter served in Afghanistan
Opinion on Nelson M. Holderman
I believe that Lieutenant Nelson M. Holderman displayed immense valor. In the face of danger he did not work by fear but alongside courage. Nelson earned his medal of Honor because he, even in wounded condition chose to leave safety to fight along his men and was able to help two injured men out of gunfire.
Opinion On Ty Carter
I think that Ty Carter is the eptimone
Nelson M Holderman was lieutenant in company L, California infantry regiment. On October 4th, 5th, and 7th, Lieutenant Holderman while wounded continued to encourage his men and officers to keep pushing through. On the 5th of October, Holderman left the safety of his position and rushed through gunfire and carried out two men.
At 6:00 A.M., October 3rd, Sergant Ty Carter emerged from his barracks when the sound of gunfire errupted. Ty Cater had been satationed in Afghanistan, when the enemy had infiltrated an abandened fort nearby. During the next twevle hours of battle, Sergant Ty Carter made three runs over an open plain under enemy fire to get supplies, save three commrades, and get a radio to call for help. He also helped t
save the life of an injured commrade by dragging him to safety.
Who Our Medal Of Honor Recipients Are
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