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A Skilled People (Social Studies)

No description

Sarah Kearney

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of A Skilled People (Social Studies)

By: Sarah K. and Lachelle L. A Skilled People Cuneiform Why Was Writing Important Once writing was invented, only FEW PEOPLE were taught to write. Why Was Writing Important
(Continued) Sumerian's also produced literature. The world OLDEST KNOWN STORY is from the Sumer. Sumerian's Literature The Sumerians were very smart. Advances in Science and Math The Sumer people created many things. The most important thing was WRITING. helped keep records
pass on their ideas
keep track of business deals
other events Sumerian's system of writing
made up of wedge shaped markings into clay tablets mostly boys from wealthy families
became scribes (SKRYBS)
held honored positions in town ceremonies
went on to become judges or political leaders The Epic of Gilamesh. Epic- long poem that tells a story of a hero The oldest story that came from them is about a king who traveled around the world preforming great deeds with his friend. When the friend dies, the king looks for a way to life forever. They Invented... wagon wheel
calender (based on moon cycles) Also... developed mathematical ideas
developed number system based on 60
learned best times to plant crops Thanks for Listening!! Hope You Learned!! - Sarah & Lachelle :)
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