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DRUM AND BASE music video analysis

No description

Jack Wills

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of DRUM AND BASE music video analysis

DRUM AND BASS music video analysis
The Prodigy- voodoo (remix)
Mise en scene-
This Drum and Bass music video is a remix of a traditional, in terms of Mise en scene there is a narrative. The People within the video are dressed in dark clothing and look spooky and scary. this relates to the setting, it is filmed in the evening, reinforcing the spooky, strange narrative.
The soundtrack is played throughout with no live performance. however there is also hyperbolic sound of the car horns and the traffic. this emphasis the danger and lively atmosphere of the tense musical soundtrack.
Music video 2- continued
This music video once again uses quick cuts and fast paced editing. A common trend within the Drum and Base genre. The cuts are also on the beat of the music, making it visually more interesting and again drawing in the audience to the video.
This video includes allot of different camera angles and movements. I think the most impressive is the point of view shot. this gives the audience a clear view of the characters experiences. Additionally the over shoulder shot used towards the end is interesting making the audience feel as if they are at the scene of the shooting.
video 1- continued
there are always quick cuts, often on the beat. this is very conventional of the D&B genre. it makes the video seem quick and snappy. the video in general is all computer generated and makes the video seem more high tech and futuristic, defiantly something i have noticed from other D&B music videos.
Like many music videos this uses a wide range of camera angles and movements. In particular this video includes allot of pans over an object to show its importance in the video. In terms of angles, it uses many low angle shots to show different levels of importance within the narrative/ story.
EXODUS- Noisia & Mayhem
Mise en scene-
This music video involves low key lighting throughout, this is very conventional of the D&B genre. Additionally this video breaks away from the typical conventions, in terms of mise en scene we see no live performance and no character. This may suggest the artists wanting to hide their identity.
The video often cuts on the beat of the music emphasising the song and grabbing in the audience. otherwise the sound track is played throughout and there is little singing, or live performance.

Goldie- Inner City Life
Mise en scene-
This video is allot more, in general, conventional than the other music videos. this video has a narrative and we see the live performance. However still this video has allot of low key lighting and in general is in black and white. the characters are also in traditional clothing. The clothing traditionally would be bright and colorful, however the artists decided to make it dull and black and white.
the soundtrack is played throughout with many of the cuts happening on the beat of the music. additionally this music video has a sudden dub step feel to it, this is highlighted in a change of camera angle and movement.
Video 3- continued
this music video is allot slower when it comes to cuts, but once again these cuts do happen on the beat of the music. this makes this video allot more calming to watch. however when the fast paced music cuts in the cuts happen allot more frequent. this video has two parts, a calm and normal video, then half way through a fast, typical D&B music video with quick cuts etc.
The artists is always seen in a spinning camera movement, with an close up of her face. additionally their are allot of establishing shots showing characters doing different things, this gives the video a narrative. Add this narrative to the strange interesting camera movements and we see an unconventional drum and base music video.
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