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Medical Evidence for the Shroud of Turin

No description

Donovan Ditto

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of Medical Evidence for the Shroud of Turin

Medical Evidence of the Shroud of Turin
Victim was Crucified
Blood pools around wrists and feet
Thumbs are not visible- Median Nerve
Streaks of blood
Other Examinations
Wound in the victim's right abdomen
Pooling of blood near the head possibly due to crown of thorns
Whip marks down victim's body
Face had dirt on it and nose was dislocated possibly due to a fall
By: Donovan Ditto, Thomas Brinkman, Michael McArthur, Adam Uhlenbrock
Blood pooling around head
Whip marks on victim's back, also indicating use of Roman whip called a flagrum with small bones and metal balls to enhance the suffering
Blood serum & bilirubin stains under UV light
Blood pooled around the wrists
Blood pooled around the feet
The End
Legs left unbroken
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