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Preparation No. 30

No description

Clarissa Lyn Fernandez

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Preparation No. 30

AROMATIC AMMONIA SPIRIT Smelling Salts Synonym/s: PREPARATION NO.30 PHARMACEUTICS REPORT Produce Reflex stimulation Use of the Preparation : Ingredients for Aromatic Ammonia Spirit Ammonium Carbonate Uses Active Ingredient Strong Ammonia Solution Chemical and Pharmaceutical Solvent lemon oil Flavorant Lavander Oil Flavorant Nutmeg oil Flavorant Alcohol Preservative Purified water Diluent / Vehicle Method of Prearation: SIMPLE SOLUTION Appropriate Container
for the Preparation : Light resistant container What is the difference between
spirits and elixirs? Spirits are alcoholic or hydroalcoholic solutions of volatile substances. Elixirs are clear , sweetened hydroalcoholic solutions intendes for oral use. Simple Solution - it is mixing two solutions or more using heat. What are the four classic methods of prepating spirits? Ammonia Carbonate Strong Ammonia Solution Lemon Oil Lavander oil Nutmeg oil Alcohol Purified Water colorless liquid White powder or
translucent masses clear , colorless liquid fresh smell pale greenish yellow color has a sweet, floral scent colorless or light yellow colorless liquid Solution by maceration- the softening of a solid by soaking. Distillation- is a method of separating mixtures based on
differences in volatilities of components in a boiling liquid mixture. Percolation- the extraction of the soluble principles of
a crude drug by the passage of a suitable
liquid through it. 3. What is the proper method of administering spirits? Spirits maybe taken orally ,
applied externally or used by
inhalation , depending upon the particular preparation. The preparation cannot be dispensed when freshly prepared because of its component that has a higher concentration and aromatic ammonia spirit should be cool first after it has been prepared. Why can't the preparation be dispensed when freshly prepared? Prepared by:
Fernandez, Clarissa Lyn I.
Valerio , Ma. Franchesca A.
BSP2-G Distilled water Alcohol Nutmeg oil Lavander oil
Spirits contains volatile substances hence, should be stored in tight containers and should be stored in a cool place. This prevents the volatilization of alcohol or the active substances. STORAGE
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