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Heterosexism & Heteronormativity

No description

Julie Pleshe

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Heterosexism & Heteronormativity

The Tip of the "Gender Iceberg"
Heterosexism & Heteronormativity
How to Become an Ally
Currently 17 states allow same-sex marriage.

The other 33 define marriage as a relationship between one man and one woman and prohibit same-sex marriage.
Gay Marriage
For every
group there

is a
Times are changing...
What is an ally?
- Someone joined with another for a common purpose
-An ally comes from a dominant group and works with the subordinate group to end oppression
(Evans, Washington, 414).
By: Julie, Emily, Courtney, & Kayla
"Heterosexuality is
not normal,
it's just common."
- Dorothy Parker
The Benefits of Being an Ally
-Open yourself up to the possibility of close relationships with an additional percentage of the world
-Become less-locked into sex-role stereotypes
-Increase ability to have close loving relationships with
same-sex friends
-Have opportunities to learn, teach, and have an impact
people you may not otherwise interact with
-Be the reason a friend, family member, etc. finally
decide that life is worth living and depending on
substances (drugs/alcohol) isn't the answer
-Your actions can make the difference in the lives of
adolescents who hear you stick up for the LGBT.
They will know they have someone to turn to.
-You can make great memories and discussions with the LGBT (Evans, Washington, 420-421)
Heterosexism is the norm;
it is what society believes people
are "supposed to be".
(Carbado, 394)
Heterosexuals can enter the military join the military without concealing their sexual identity.
Parents of a gay soldier: They want
people to know their son wasn't
a "gay soldier." He was a great soldier
who happened to be gay.
Above all, he was a citizen.

Don't Ask Don't Tell
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Heterosexuals have the ability to adopt children as a couple.
Heterosexual couples do not have to worry about whether kissing each
other in public or
holding hands in public
will render them
vulnerable to violence.

Heterosexuals do not have to struggle with "coming out" or worry about being "outed".
Heterosexuality is confirmed in most religions.
These are just a few of the privileges heterosexuals have.....
What actions could you take to support the LGBT?
For example: How many times have you heard people say, "That's so gay!"

Responding by saying people shouldn't use the word gay in a derogatory manner is taking action to stop the discrimination that members of the LGBT community face everyday.
: An extreme and irrational aversion to homosexuality and homosexual people.
a noun for a woman who is attracted sexually and/or romantically to other women

an adjective describing someone who is attracted sexually and/or romantically to two or more genders

an adjective describing someone who is questioning their gender identity and/or sexual orientation

an adjective used to encompass entire LGBTQ community; can also be specific identity


demeaning terms with a violent history
Heterosexism in the Media
elementary school
children have a
of the world"
(Best 1983;
Renold 2002,
Thorne 1993)
In Class Activity:
Heterosexual Privilege:
-Get into pairs with the person sitting next to you.
-The first group to complete the crossword puzzle with the correct information from the slides wins a prize!
Keep an open mind...
Key Terms:
a predjudiced attitude
or discriminatory practices against
homosexuals by heterosexuals

Denoting or relating
to a world view that promotes
heterosexuality as the normal
or preferred sexual orientation

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered,
and questioning identities

Adjective for a man who is attracted
sexually and/or romantically
to other men; some women
use this term

BUT, not everyone is ready for change...
3. Skills: communicate the knowledge you have learned with others

4. Action: This is the most frightening but important step. One example of this is heterosexuals taking action to try to legalize same-sex marriage
(Evans, Washington, 418).
Four Levels of Ally Involvement
1. Awareness: understand who are as a privileged member and how you are similar and different than the LGBT community

2. Knowledge/Education: acquire knowledge about the LGBT community their experiences, along with policies and laws that affect their daily lives
Issues Concerning Gay Marriage

Is it Moral?

Do they make fit parents?

Why does "civil union" not work?
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