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History of the Warren- Sipe House

No description

Lauren Kunkel

on 22 March 2015

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Transcript of History of the Warren- Sipe House

History of the Warren- Sipe House
Temporary Civil War hospital
Community Activity Center for the Recreation Department
Harrisonburg- Rockingham Historical Society
Temporary courthouse and jail
Virginia Quilt Museum
Other Uses
George Edgar Sipe
Mary Rebecca Yancey
Marien Mulliken
Louis Byrd Charles Willis
Mary Dorsey Edward Curren
Enid George Brent
The Sipe's
Colonel Edward Tiffin Harrison Warren
Virginia (Jennie) Watson Magruder
Eizabeth Gordon
James Magruder
Virginia Watson
The Warren's
UVA graduate
Colonel of the 10th Virginia Infantry
Killed in the Battle of the Wilderness
Descendant of Thomas Harrison
Edward TH Warren
Law degree from UVA
Wharton, Aldhizer, and Weaver
National Bank of Harrisonburg
George Edgar Sipe
Confederate soldiers
Joseph White Latimer
Mrs. Warren's
Frascati Plantation
Principal of the Female Seminary
Virginia Watson Magruder
Rockingham Memorial Hospital
Marien Mulliken
Current home
"Official quilt museum of the Commonwealth"
Virginia Quilt Museum
Exchange Hotel
Harriet Warren's death 1880
Ella Louise Warren Nelson sold it in 1906 to John W Taliaferro
First Presbyterian Church
The Warren Hotel
Mahogany fireplace surrounds
Inlaid wood floors
Rear addition
Irrigated flower gardens
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