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computer netiquette

No description

zaid razak

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of computer netiquette

Computer Netiquette:
Social Media How would a business deal with a complaint over Social Media? emoticons play a big part in online communication For Example: How does business use social media to order products? You can advertise on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites to sell project by putting them in as updates. A popular website for business people is linkedin. Pros and Cons Cons Different types of social media Everything has Pros and Cons that you have to consider, and social media is no exception Pros How Business Uses Social Media: emoticons are pictorial representations of a facial expression using punctuation marks and letters, usually written to express a person's feelings or mood texting and emoticons Terms:
Social Media -
Is online advertising, marketing and conversations.

Linkedin -
Is a business site for social networking Giales online users started to use short form for big words such as srsly as serious or idk as i don't know. this can be good and bad because it saves time but it can create lazy habits. if a website blocks an inappropriate word someone can change the spelling of the word and still post it so people can look at it online without the website knowing. Facebook has 955 million users of 2012 Mark Zuckerberg the creator and CEO of Facebook started on
October 28 2003 at the university of Harvard and later expanded to the rest of the world. He was the youngest person ever to become a billionaire at the age of 23
Users create profiles with photos, contact information, and other personal information.
Users can talk with friends and other users with a different chat feature through private or public messages Twitter is an online social networking blogging service
that enables its users to send and read text-based messages There are 85 million active user on twitter and 90 million user with zero followers Costs are much, much lower
compared to TV, Printing, and
Outdoors Linkedin is used to deal with internet traffic, leads and sales If a customer isn't satisfied, he/she can express his/her opinion on sits such as Youtube, which may have a negative
impact on the name. When Twitter was first introduced in 2006
, it has changed from functioning as a social network to becoming an information network. Now some well-known personalities are quitting
Twitter after becoming the target of abusive messages from anonymous internet trolls. Over 175 million professionals have used Linkedin to help exchange any information, ideas and opportunities Search engine visibility: Improve your business' standing in search engine results The internet is large, and your business can easily be forgotten recently texing and online communication has become worse and worse as users are using less grammar and spelling words incorrectly and using short form words emoticons emoji is a app that lets you use many different types of emoticons but cannot be used for all websites or phones texting YouTube as the third most visited website on the Internet "Charlie Bit My Finger" has received the most views ever on YouTube with is over 450 million views
YouTube is an online public communications site. The site allows users to upload and watch videos anyone the videos are anything from beginner videos to more professional videos. You can even get paid for having lots of views Companies have actually made accounts on Twitter, Facebook etc ... to help answer customers complaints, about a business, within hours. Writing letters or phone calls or using websites to answer complaints used to take up to 3 months to get results. Businesses use complaints and feedback for improving the way that you do things. This can help the company improve. Here is a video about Managing Complaints Works Cited Faber, J.P. "Lessons in netiquette." U.S. Kids Apr.-May 1997: 28. Gale Power Search. Web. 18 Sept. 2012.
Document URL
http://go.galegroup.com/ps/i.do?id=GALE%7CA19335588&v=2.1&u=ko_k12hs_d73&it=r&p=GPS&sw=w http://www.clickz.com/clickz/column/1900169/14-social-media-pros-cons http://www.canadabusiness.ca/eng/page/2655/&r=1#rte http;//www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dazyclw5le http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/managing-complaints.htm http://ca.linkedin.com/ http://netforbeginners.about.com/od/weirdwebculture/f/what-is-an-internet-troll.htm www.facebook.com/ en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facebook www.youtube.com/ mashable.com/category/youtube/ https://twitter.com/ mashable.com/category/twitter/ You can use social media to build your brand,
and interact with customers When something goes wrong, you can alert your customers as soon as possible It can sometimes emoticons: emoticons You can give your brand personality
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